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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   Post From The Desk Of BlueStormSword: YAY NEW MOVIE!!!
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Well today I was suppose to go to Six Flags with my cousin but he never called so I didn't go but that's okay I really didn't want to go. So earlier I went to Costco for so grocery shopping with my mama then we walked over to Circuit City from there and I got MORTAL KOMBAT WHOO!!!! I wanted to get the second one but I kinda need to save my money for thix Tuesday since Saiyuki Double Barrel 5's coming out and so is the new third Inuyasha Movie but I need some more money too buy the second movie too since I only got the first one. Well that's all there is to post so til next time SAYONARA!!

Double Soul
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Two Souls Sharing One Body

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