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Friday, September 2, 2005

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HELLO TO ALL MY ANIME OTAKUS PALS!!!! As you can see I've changed my theme to a Yu Yu Hakusho one. I was starting to get tired of ADV Films animes hahaha. So now I hope you guys like it. Well anywayz I let my friend read the first chapter of my story "I'll Always Love You" and I told her it's not your average love story so she started bugging me asking me what does that mean so I printed her a copy of my first chapter and when she read it during recreational reading she said she was laughing and getting looks as if she was an idiot she finally found out it was a yaoi story but she's cool about it and said she really likes it and that she wants to read the second chapter which I'm defiently working on as soon as I'm done copying it into my notebook and I'll keep working on it over the weekend. Well as you guys probably heard over the news about the diaster in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina and it's just breaking my heart. So if there's anyone from Louisana I'm praying for you. Last night I was watching "Current Affair" and on it there was a a woman still trapped in her house when they got in touch with her so when they finally sent choppers to help her they couldn't find her and they think she could've drowned so she could be dead and that just made me want to break down. So please pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and please do what you can to help them. I may not have no family near Mississippi or Louisiana but it still had an effect on me. I've seen looters looting, bodies floating, people lashing out and it's just going to get even worst. Well I'm sorry to make this a depressing post but I just want to say my opinion about the hurricane. Well that's all I wanted to post so til next post I'm off to work on my stories so Sayonara!!!

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