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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   TIME TO POST FROM THE DESK OF BLUESTORMSWORD!!! Today's Post: Yo Today's Was A Cool Day
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Well today I woke up still feeling the usual morning sickness but it's all good. Sorry for not posting up yesterday but I forgot to mention a few things going on in my life. Well first of all my aunt said she's gonna give me an IPod! SWEET I LOVE HER first a pretty dress and an IPod she's so rocks. Well a few days ago I got my locker and it's on the third floor which is good for MY A-DAY CLASSES but my B-Day classes two in the basement and one's outside but the good thing is I don't have to keep my books in school so it's all good. I actually got to play the piano in Basic Piano and I'm actually pretty good just gotta trim the youkai nails and practice my fingering and I'm fine. Well I've also burn some new CDs finally. I got one CD mixed with D.N. Angel, FLCL, S-Cry-Ed, Paranioa Agent, Sailormoon, Peacemaker, and Saiyuki, another CD with just D.N. Angel songs, and the other two with just FLCL songs. Well I also wanted to say I'm not gonna post up any new stories for a while well for at least a month since I might get a new computer for my birthday and if I get it set up and get internet access I'll start typing as soon as possible but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna work on my story I'm working on a new one I'm just not saying. Well today nothing great happened I woke up sick as usual but I felt better, went to school where I actually ate lunch today since I've never ate lunch since my fear of vomiting it up I'm not bulemic I'm just sick but I felt fine so YAY. I also didn't have to go to the doctor again and that bruise I had is competely gone. Well anywayz I'm done posting so I'm off to watch some t.v. and movies, listen to more music, and work on some of my new story projects so til next time SAYONARA!!!

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