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Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Okay well first I'll start off by apologizing for not updating Friday or Saturday so gomen nasai. Well on Friday my friend got into a fight at the end of the day so like 8 police cruiser came and I heard she won I think but she's in my L/S/N Government class and she didn't seem mad so it kinda surprised me but anywayz I got home and started to download some more songs. I only got a few D.N. Angel songs and Hakkai's Theme song so now I have all of their themes. So on Saturday I couldn't update because well that morning I didn't want to go on the computer early because it takes a while to fix up my post and I didn't want to have to go through my brother's "Hey Tiff can I use the PC?" so I just decided to wait. So I lost to a bet my mom and me made that there was no Staples near Super Fresh Grocery Store and I lost so now I owe my mom a Venti Caramel Coffee from Starbucks THANKS ALOT DAD YOU LIAR!! I went school supplies shopping and got everything I could remember and then I went to Target to find a gift for a friend of my mom but then didn't find anything so we went to Kohl's and found two cute outfits for him. Then I went to Best Buy so my mom could buy some DVDs and I wanted to get Saiyuki Reload 1 but I didn't find it so I got PeaceMaker Kurogane 1 so YAY!!! It's awesome I LOVE IT!!! Then I went to the mall so my could pay the bills for my parents rings and so I went to Claire's and got three new necklace they're all I think Chinease symbols with a color bead on it one stands for knowledge and it's blue, one stands for peace which is green, and one stands for courage which is black then went to the Dollar Store to get a gift bag and I got a Mexico keychain hey I may not speak alot of Spanish but I'm still a Mexican. So then I went over to my mom's friend's kid birthday party at Chuck E' Cheese. But before I went in I went to a Books-A-Million near by and got SAIYUKI RELOAD 1 Manga WHOO YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Then I went inside and once again met up with Max and Fabian(the ones from the other party I went to last Saturday) and Max got confused when he tried to read my manga. So when some food came we started eating and Fabian ate almost the entire pizza I only ate four slices THAT PIZZA'S GOOD!!! I swear if you try to take him food and in fact get some food for yourself your hand'll be bitten off. So all we did was talk and joke around then Chuckie came out THAT BITCH OWES ME 50 DOLLARS no I'm kidding but what got me laughing so much was when Fabian got up to dance with them he told me that he was gonna do that at Homecoming and Prom I HAVE GOT TO SEE THAT!!! But so anywayz I went home to watch Peacemaker and read my Saiyuki manga so that means I have 53 mangas all I need is 47 more to reach 100. So that's all I wanted to post so now I wanted to post so til next post I'm off to set up my notebooks and work on my stories and some other stuff so SAYONARA!!!!

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