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Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Well today's my last day before I have to return to school. I DON'T WANNA GO YOU'LL HAVE TO PLY ME OFF AND MAKE ME GO THERE::clings on to the door:: Well anywayz enough of the tear. Last night I went to kid's party with my mom and her friend/co-worker along with her two kids. And nothing really happened but I suddenly felt all warm inside when my mom's friend's sister came along with her husband and his kids. They're the same people from their latest child baptism. The boy that I couldn't remember his name was there but now I know. So at the end while we waited for someone to unblock my mom's friend's car I talking with her kids he that little brat had to come up with my embarassing moment but at least I made him piss his pant when that happened. Anywayz I just found out that I'm the oldest out of the three. There's me whose 14 and in the tenth grade, then it's Fabian whose 13 and starting ninth grade, and then there's Max whose I think 12 and starting 8th grade. I'm the oldest and yet I'm the shortest. And the guy I have a crush on is one year younger than me::sigh:: why do I like the younger guys eh. Well at least I don't wear a uniform at my high school unlike them who have to hahahaha. Well that's it all I wanted to post so til next post SAYONARA!!!

This Is What I'm Doing...
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Popping Pills...

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Tokitou: Hey these are my potato chips GO GET YOUR OWN!!!
Kobota: But I can't stop eating them
Tokitou: I told you couldn't eat just one.


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