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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   I Feel Really Low I WANNA A HUG!!!!
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Okay I don't really feel low I just don't feel good I actually feel HYPER and drunk from drinking Gojyo's blood( mirokusdaughter will know what I'm talking about) and I'm going to the doctor Thrusday and if I see that doctor and the nurse I went to last time I'm gonna be pissed because that nurse took my blood out wrong and left a two bruise that are still noticable. Anywayz I heard from my mom that for my 15 she's taking me to get blessed so yay but I have to confess the before that so boo anywayz I heard she might take the whole week off OH THAT'S SO SWEET!!! Well enough of that the weather here is ominous it's going to storm so I think I'm getting inspire but still I have another story I want to finish and let you guys read it. Well I'm going to go continues working on my stories so that's all I wanted to post so till next post SAYONARA!!!

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