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Monday, August 15, 2005

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You people know I don't mean you guys I just really hate my brother. My mom called and asked me if I wanted to go to the pool and I told her no because I don't feel better. So I'm working on my post and my brother come in and asks me why didn't I go and the reason is I STILL DO FEEL GOOD!! And my brother says I'm lying and the reason why I'm not going is because I look fat since the doctor told me to lose around 30 pounds and now everybody thinks I'm not eating because of what she said only my dad believes that I really don't feel good. I really want to cry because they don't believe I'm crying while writing this post. Anywayz I wanted to tell you guys that I gave up working on three of my Fake stories not because I don't want to do them it's just because all three of them are songfics and the songs that they're based on have their lyrics repeated alot so if I were to write them that's probably all they're gonna say but I'm replacing all three of them with one story that will be three chapters I hope and it's called "Do You Really Love Me" and it's about how Dee thinks Ryo doesn't love him since he rarely hears him say those three little words to him and not being able to handle that thought he thinks about suicide so can Ryo stop him from doing the unthinkable by telling Dee his true feelings. So that's pretty much the story whoever was hoping for the song fics I'm truly sorry but I'm only working on one story that's a song fics and since I've never done one before I'll just see how that one turns out. So that's all I really wanted to post so til next time SAYONARA!!!

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