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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   Hello I Still Don't Feel Good and I Had The Strangest Dream Ever!!
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Okay I still feel good so it must be a stomach virus or something. So anywayz I had a weird dream and I kept waking up and falling asleep again. Okay I'm in a Starbucks probably in D.C. and it's empty except for four little chibis and who are they the little Saiyuki boys(how'd they get there) then I woke up but fell asleep again and had another dream I was in this building it looked something between an office building and probably hotel well I'm in there and I'm with this family and it's sorta like The Pacifier I dunno why but then it turns into a wild chase I dunno who we're chasing but who cares it was fun. For some reason we kept jumping off of high balcony and not getting hurt but so anywayz one guy falls off and gets hurt and I go to check on him and he was this cute guy man I wish he was real then the woman son comes out and starts acting like a bossy spoiled brat he was. That was it I bet it doesn't make sense cause I don't know what the hell I'm saying. So that's all I wanted to post so til next post SAYONARA!!

Sleepy Time
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