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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm done with the first chapter of my first story. It's a HakkaiXGojyo yoai fic(well it will be later on in the story) It had a new character in it her names Aya and she just Hakkai's best friend and the one along with Goku and Sanzo that will make Gojyo realize Hakkai's feelings. I'll try and put some comedy in it. And the other story I'm writing now is called "What One Does For Happiness" I'm not sure if the title actually goes with the story. It's about the Saiyuki boys in modern times in high school where they meet two girl Michiyo and Ayame. When Hakkai starts dating Michiyo and befriends Ayame all the problems unwinds. Michiyo tries not only to keep Hakkai away from Ayame but also the other guys as way to keep Ayame from stealing Hakkai or any of them away from her. But Ayame intentions are pure and all she wants to Hakkai and the other to be friends with her. But will Ayame do the unthinkable and commit suicide to prove to Michiyo that Hakkai truly belongs to her and not Ayame or will Michiyo finally realize what she's done and goes save her friend before time runs out. I'm not really sure if it makes sense but I wanted to do something with a lot of drama and to all Hakkai fans I sorry for making him date such a bitch and unfortuanely there's no yaoi(so to all yoai fans sorry) This idea came to me at 12:30AM so I just started writing until I fell asleep. Well anywayz that's all I had to say so Sayonara
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