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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yay I'm almost finished typing up my first chapter of my story. Man it's long it took three pages but who care the point is that I wrote it and I'm proud of it. I'm thinking of submitting it to FanFiction but I need some opinions first. Anywayz the title of it is Finding True Love(I sucked at title okay so sue me) and it's a GojyoxHakkai yoai fic(well it's gonna be later on in the story)It's about how it seems Hakkai is use to the idea of Gojyo going out every night and getting laid by a random woman but now that Hakkai discovered feelings towards Gojyo Is he really? This idea hit like Goku's Nyoi-bo at 4AM so I got up and stayed up writing it until I passed out this morning. Well anywayz if you want to read the first chapter and give your opinion just send me a PM with an email address on it and I'll send it to you. Well that's all I had to post Sayonara
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