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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Okay today I want up with a pounding headache which I think is from staying up late too many night but I can't help it I mean HELLO ADULT SWIM HAS SOME KICKASS SHOWS I CAN'T HELP BUT STAY UP!! Anywayz after that I had to go to the orthadontist where I found out that I ::sniff:: HAVE TO GET BRACES WAAAHHHHH oh well if it can cure the gap between my front teeth I don't care beside I like the the doctor she was nice as well as her asisstant and get this she actually went to the same high school as my brother which I'm currently attending(yes I'm now a sophmore)and she actually knew him. Well after that I felt alittle bad after finding out I need braces so I asked my dad to take me to Best Buy and he took me(I swear he's the best I JUST LOVE HIM THANK Q DADDY!!) and so I get::squels:: SAIYUKI DOUBLE BARREL 3 and I watched it as soon as I got home and it had its funny moments and sad moments.::chasing my brother around::AWAY YOU FOUL BEAST!!! Oh sorry about that now to finish this post and as you can see I've changed my theme...again. Well I like the FAKE theme and all but then I realized I MISSED THE SAIYUKI BOYS!! but don't worry I'll keep posting up FAKE pictures. Well that's all that happen today til next post SAYONARA!!!
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