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Friday, April 8, 2005

Here are some songs I've put on my two CDs. If you want to find out where I got them then send me a message and I 'll give you the websites. Sayonara

Gravitation:Super Drive
Gravitation:Glaring Dream
Gravitation:Sleepless Beauty
Gravitation:Shining Collection
Gravitation:Rage Beat
Gravitation:Smashing Blue
Gravitation:Yuutsu Na Seven Day
Gravitation:Blind Game Again
Saiyuki:For Real
Saiyuki:Still Time
Saiyuki:Against The Wind
Saiyuki:The Way to Paradise
FullMetalAlchemist:READY STEADY GO
Ghost in the Shell:Inner Universe
Inuyasha:My Will
Inuyasha The Movie:No More Words
Wolf's Rain:Gravity

Note: My Will,Ready Steady Go, Inner Universe, Gravity, and No More Words will be the most dificult songs to find

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