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Hey There, ppl. I'm LDS and VERY proud to be it. And btw, I'm the biggest Rock Lee Fangirl you'll ever know!! LEE-SEMPAI!!!! *Coughs* You can call me Blue. I'm considerd Emo, but mostly because i like dark colors and I'm laid-back. Anyway, cya around TheO and don't be afraid ta talk 2 me.
Cya l8ter


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Rock Lee: True Strength, Strength of the Heart
... Makes Me Cry...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Plz get this, guys!! The new site is lamo, so i'll try to post here until someone can help me with the whole "worlds" thingy....

I MISS ALL OF U! I'll try to find u and subcribe as sooon as possible!!!

Luv u guys!


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Manga and Other things
Well, the manga is up!!(As I already said, but only a few heard lol) More pages will be up in a couple of days =)

Anyway, I'm tired of talking about that for a while. ^^''
I'm hard at work with other things, 2. Battle of the Books for my State is coming up (I can't believe I can deal with the stress XD) Kinda hoping our team doesn't win so I don't have to go to nationals. But I can't let them down. I'm wimpy like that lol
I just reaviewed Edard900 and Colton96's managas! THere rly good and u should check them out. (Edward freaks when he doesn't have comments lol)

Thatz all, I guess.


1. Have u ever had surgory? (Sp? Sorry)

2. What r u listening 2 right now?

3. Favorite band?

4. Do u sing?

5. How many people do u feel can really understand you?

My Answers:

1. I might....

2. "Unfaithful" (It gets addicting lol)

3. Linkin Park, The Beatles, Simple Plan

4. Yeah, I'm in a band lol

5. My family and a couple of friends. But I want to be friends with everyone nonetheless =D


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   The Cover is UP!!!
"Into Yesterday" is the name of the comic and it's cover is up and waiting for input! Thank u thank u thank u guys for waiting! I'm working on the prolouge in my lap as I type! =)

Watch 4 updates during the week!

Things u might want to kno about the manga:

1. Rina Tasse (By Ryuchu) is now the main girl (aside from the guy, of course)

2. Shin-ten, Bi-hana, (By Hiesheart) Rina Tasse, and Aiden Nameiran (By KittyK.O.) all take a plane to Japan since u all dicided they come from the U.S. XD

3. The main guy still loox the same and his name is Spade Kurayami (Spade Darkness ;p) (I just like the name Spade)

4. The two minor characters by Mewmewpudding and Kukki-chan will probably not appear until chapter 2.

Thnx! Tell me what u think of the cover!


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Monday, February 4, 2008

   What song is it??
Guess this song:

"...Isn't it messed up? How I'm just dying to be him?..."

Be the first to answer! =p


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   2 Down.... 3 to Go!!
Two of the characters are ready to be drawn 4 the manga. These are Kukki-chan's and KittyK.O.'s characters! I hope u guys enjoy them!!

Aiden Nameiran (blue Version)

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Emi (bluesen Version)

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Characters I Still Need:

Cya guys!


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