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Sunday, July 16, 2006

   The joys of a computer...

So yesterday I tried to upload the movie Elfen Lied on my computer. I waited 30 hours (seriously that long-i counted) for it to load. Just as it reached 95%, my computer completely shut down!!!! I was like die mother fucker die >.< (which is a good song by the way ^^) And my keyboard managed to loose a key after this..hmm..i wonder how that happend O.o But anyways, I restarted my computer and luckily it was were it left off and didn't start over. I was all happy and singing ladeda...until i tried to play it. Because it seems, after all that waiting, frustration, and false hope, the video "can not open the file to play" -.-;;

And so that ends my really pointless and stupid story xD

1 hour later

Yay I just finished reading Fruits Basket # 8, although I already knew most of what was going to happen. The end confused me though..eek can't wait to get 9! New stuff in there^^ Well im off to watch anime on youtube. It's really a great site to watch free anime! Before I go here is a poll:

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