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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'v recently (or not so recently) discovered two things.
1- How you word things (not matter what you really mean) really effects how people will take it. I know that may seem dum and obvious, and yes I'v always really known that, but I never noticed just HOW important it is. I know I sound crazy...but it's just something I'v been noticing a lot lately.


2- I'm sure we've all done those word associations (sp?), where someones gives you a word and you tell them the first thing that comes to mind? Well, I just realized that when I hear the word "fangirl" The first thing that comes to mind is "rabid".
Sad isn't it?

Just felt I had to say that, oh and I have a quote...but I'm not sure where it's from though. XP
"The wind is blowing on it's own. The moon is shining on it's own. At least this night, I will dream on my own" ~ (Don't know where this is from!)

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