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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   *yawn yawn*
Lets see...what do I have to say. I have so many ideas but when I finaly get here my mind goes blank.
Hmm...well, first off I'm happy because a long weekend is coming up (for easter?) I don't care why.
Me + no school = happy person. That's all that matters.
Next...uhhh...I can't remember...uh.
Oh, in english tomorrow a lot of people are going on a field trip so it'll be a small class (and I'll try to get on here!)

And finally....Oh yeah! Badminton!
My arm is so sore! I'm trying out for our schools badminton team. I thought I sucked but compared to some of the others I think I have a pretty good shot at making the team! ^__^

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