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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My new Mornin!!
hey guys!! from now on i wun be visitin ur sites in the mornin..well we will see..kk?? im gunna b wacthin DN Angel in the mornin and makin my posts and maybe goin 2 1 or 2 sites but thats it...sry..but ill get 2 the rest in the afternoon..kk?? im obseessed w/anim rnt i..lol...well it wakes me up...not 2 mention it downloads better..lol...well later..nuttin rly to report...bibi!!
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Monday, March 20, 2006

G'Mornin ppl!! well leemme tell ya bout sunday i woke up ealrry to watch anime..lol...and then i went tinot the city with my mom, to look for dresses and to pic up the favors...in my opinion they look perty but in my moms dads and bros opinon hey dunt...oh well..i like them so what...the favors are wanderfuls a centerpiece and a favor. so its kewl. g2 wanderfuls.com and ull see what they look like..just not in those colors. anyways i was lookin forthe second dress i was gnna wear and i found a rrly cute 1 but not in my size, my mom said she was guna look in another stoe for me and she was gunna findd it. i was surpriesed...even tho we jut fought this week shes showin devotion 2 me...**sniff**sniff**
well my mom found a dress..and i decided im gunna start wearnin makeup!!!!!! yup! im gunna start on weekends then start on weekdays.my mom bought me makeup yesterday...uptil now i relied on natural beauty**laughs** BlackWaltzEOSK knows what i look like w/o makeup...lol..well im gunaa be 16 soon and a lil makeup wun hurt..so im gunna start...bibi!!

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