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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

nuttin new my first day back to skewl was good!!
butt nuttin new in particualr....hey i got my email back soo be free to email me..
back at home i imed ppkl and played a joke on my bro..i made him think i was lesbian..dun worry i am straight...lol...wel that was the highlight of my dasy...bibi

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Monday, April 24, 2006

   Sry busy!! XD
hey guys i know i havent been here in a while...but il get backk on track now..kk??
now lessee what did i do this weekend??
on friday i went over o Harmony-chans house and we watched Kare Kano it was rly good and cute...then we had dinner at a japanse place..good susshi and nooddles and then we played Soul Claibour while gossipin i had fun!!
on sat i stayed home all day...doin hw
on sunday i went out and then went to a Japanese reesrauranunt for diner...yummmy!! it was good!!i ate with chop sticks !! lol
so tell me bout ur weekends!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   Long Time I missed yall!!
well i havent been here in a while!!
and i missed yall!!
alot has happened to me!
well Easter was nuttiin specaill..Monday my bros BFF came over again nuttin specail...
then on Tesday stayed home all day..
Wednsday i went into the city..for a doc apt.
then we went to the mal..we couldnt find a parkin spot i was tyin to get a Coach bag and exchange my Tiffany's necklace that i got for my Sweet 16. We ddint find anythin..
we r gunna go look again on sun.
yea thats..it
so im sry..i miss ya all!!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

   My Sweet 16
I got everythin dun from my hair to my nails!
Around 5:oo we went to the place to take pics... after we went to my suite to chill to wait till my guests got there....
My close family got there eary at 5:50. My cousin was lookimn at me as though i was "too" beautiful.... actually all of my family was!! ^_^
Then more of my friends came in and they thought the same... i felt so flattered...**blush**blush**
Then came the time for all the grown up to leave and then my 3 friends that i asked to stay in whith me in the suite started danicn with me..of course i started gettin hot....cuz of the dress i was in XD...
then at 7:30 i was introduced and was broughtinto the amin room where the rest of my family and friends were..
then i had my father danughter dance..
then daddy made a toast that made me cry!! **sniff**sniff**
then i went to say to all my friends and family..every 1 said i looked perty!! looll..
then the party got started!
then at 9 i was sooo hot so i changed dresses, i looked a lil bit more casual..
then i was capable of bendin dwn and stuff..lol
then i danced more!! ppl that said they wouldnt dance ended up dancin the whole night!! like AI-chan Harmony my cousin kimmy
and when i cut the cake i coukldnt reavche the last candke so i literally took it off the cake to blow it out..lol...then i had trouble cuttin the first slice..lol..
then i danced some more...and thats it..(of course there was food inbetween)i just didnt eat much.. i filled up on daiquiris asnd shirley temples...lol...well thats it....oh and i got great gifts!! the list is long!! i think ill posyt it tmoorrow! lool

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Sweet 16!!!
Nails r done (French maini- petti)
Dress is done (both one staples..the other with straps)
Decorations in place (yup the guy we hired has the decorations!! ^_^)
Favors/centerpieces ( we have the kawaiiest faavors)
Petals (i wanted flower petals on the tables..check)
PPl invited..r comin!! yay!!
todays my Sweet 16 and im nervous!!
its a 5 hour party and im gunna dance all night!! lol..well i cant tell ya anymore cuz my mom is tellin me to get off cuz we hafta go get our hair done..so i g2g...
ill tell ya everythin..tomoorow!! kk?? from start to finish!! bibi!! have fun!!1

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   Hiya ppl!!
2 days till my Sweet 16!!
well we r doin the final touches on my party
Today im gunna go to the city with the gang!! yaya!! thats it!! okey later!! gunna visit sites!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   yaya its Tueday!!
wel today is my lasy day b4 spring break!!! yay!!yesterday we met up with the DJ get some thigs straight...omg!! nervous!!
also last night durin dinner my mom told me and my bro how we were from when we were kids (earlier on we were lookin at pics for my sweet 16 slide show duri the father/daughter dance) and i found this pic of andy moonin the camera...i was laughin soo hard...she told us y..turns out i wanted to take a pic of that so i can tattle on andy..lol..i was such a brat..wait i still am!!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

hello pple!!
my weekend!!
on friday i went to go see the muscial that most of my friends have been workin on...it was great!!! on saturday i styaed home al day and wetn on the computer..didnt feel like updatin ..sry!!
and my bro beat KH2!! lol
it was good!!
then on sunday we worked on my Sweet 16!! lol..
wow its gunna be in 6 days!! omg!! im nervoous!!
well have a nice day!!

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Friday, April 7, 2006

As usual/...
not much to tell...but yesterday sharmiin called..cant tell ya what we talke bout..but we talked for ever!!
lol...also i got one of my presents!!
its a coach keychain.. thats it heres another AMV..i luv Tsubasa!!

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

well im on AIM more and more now!! yay!! and with lock down there is tly nuttin to tell...
what i meant by semi-lock down is that we have some privleges bac..like we have break and lunch back..but what i rly want back r my free periods!!! i guess ill hafta wait...untitl then nuttin to telll...
check out this AMV...to keep ya guys alive!!

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