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Monday, September 24, 2007

i feel great!

so this week is spirit week!

today was sports day:
i wore my W.H.A.T shirt
i'm such a nerd!
i had to wear it anyway though b/c we had a meet today

tomorrow rocker day and i'm going all-out!
i'll try and take pictures ^^


1. ever read the twilight series?
me: heck yes! if you haven't you freaking need to!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


it was scary!
we had a sub bus today...
and it was Number 911

my friend mia goes "aw shit! we're gonna die!"
and then this freshman named patrick was like "yes! i always wanted to die on bus"
we got on to find...
there were no exits but the front amd back door...
and the video camera was like dangling and looked to fall at any given moment...

so now i have a story to share in acting...
i will call it "riding bus 911 on 911"

question time! ^_^

1. fo you believe in ghost?
me: heck yes! and if you were me you would too...
2. ever been electricuted?
me: 10 times and counting! 6 times in middle school, 2 times as a freshman, and twice last weekend!




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Monday, September 10, 2007

   i'm happy today

so my dad decided last night if i didn't agree with him i was out of the house and would have to move in with my mom.

then today my friend jimmy said he'd take me to homecoming.... i introduced him to dad and my father decided a few reasons i shouldn't have to move anymore.

1) i obeyed him and got a white date
2) i already have a life here
3) he can't afford child support


i was like thanks dad you can't afford me!

well anyway
i 'm in a play called Fools
and i have to be a really stupid woman with a russian accent....

here are some questions:

1. watch tv or read a book?
me: that depends...
2. what religon are you?
me: my families baptist, but i'm not sure about myself...
3. would you rather act or do the technical work for a play/musical?
me: i do both...

any way thats all guys...

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

hey guys

i got electricuted again...

that makes it four times in less than a year...
and twice in one week for the second time...
actually this time it was twice in two days but anyway....

1st time i was plugging in the amps for one of the bands playing in our variety show...
and last night i was unplugging the vending machines at our school for my teacher....

and my dad won't let me go to homecoming (AS FRIENDS!!!) with my best friend because his he's from a latin coutry....

so my life isn't improving....

here are some questions....

1) are you homophobic?
me: NO! my mommy's a lesbian ^^
2) have you ever smoked?
me: i quit for 2 years and unfortunatly picked the habit back up last night....

anyway thats all i can do ttyl

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Saturday, September 8, 2007


so my cell phone died!

i'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to make matters worse
1) my mom bot me the cell
2) my mom lives in pennsylvainia
3) i live in georgia
4) my mom is on vaction in chicogo right now
5) that was how i talked to my boyfriend (who also lives in pennsylvainia)
so right now my life sucks!

oh yeah!


i got electricuted last night....

so i'm totally depressed...

how are all of you?

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Saturday, July 14, 2007


i have nothing to post about
so here are your questions....

1) why did the chicken cross the road?
me: cause it running from wolfspeed
"run chicken run!"
2) you can only piick one: Vampires or Werewolves?
me: VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry paul...
3) pepsi or coke?
me: coke
4) fries or onion rings?
me: fries
5) love or money?
me: love (I LOVE YOU DYLON!!!)
6)apple or banana?
me: apple
7) flowers or candy?
me: flowers

kay well thats all guys
please answer them for me...

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


hey guys...

we're going to Medieval Times sometime tonight at like 6-ish... we just got one right outside of atlanta...
it's awsome though i haven't been in a long time...
i'm into the old medieval fighting and such...

well any way...
here are my questions...

1. have you ever feared something so much just thinking about it brought you to tears?

me: yes, with a couple of things...

2. are there anythings that even the mention of it makes you want to vomit?

me: yes... it is another word for vomit that begins with an H and i would quite enjoy it if no one wouold type that in the comments..

3. what's somthing your continually teased for?

me: my height and i have a tendancy to talk fast... i even went to speech therapy for it...

well thats all for today...
and wolfspeed i'm asking nicely...
please don't type the word...

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


i'm going to six flags today!!!!

so i'll try to check posts later...

just 2 questions today...

1. favorite anime company?

2. favorite voice over actor?
me: christopher sabat! kuwabara and ayame!

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Monday, July 9, 2007

it's sucks...

we're supposed to go to six flags tomorrow...
but i'm running a fever of 102...
i hope it stops...

well yeah...

thats about it...
and i still love dylon with all my heart

here are some questions for you guys:

1. how many manga do you own?
me: over 50

2. how many anime?
me: over 30 discs

3. posters?
me: five and a calendar

4. random anime items?
me: at least 20

and from my answers you can tell i'm a little spoiled...

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

   i love my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm the luckiest girl in the world!!!!
he's the sweetest guy ever!
and he's great to look at ^^
the bad part is he's 7 states away....
but i don't care
i love him....
so heres to you

I LOVE YOU DYLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's great

my mom is visiting too

anwser these if you don't mind....

1)what are you afraid of?
me: clowns, dinosaurs, my nightmares, and losing dylon
2)what is your goal in life?
me: live any where with my baby and a career in theatre
3)do you believe in love
me: i do now and thats all that matters
4)ever attempted suicide?
me: sadly yes....

well thats all for now

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