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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Days in Las Vegas
My mom is going to Las Vegas today... Without me. It pisses me off, since Ls Vegas (as horrible a place as it is, being energy-ineficient, prostitute-housing and sleazy in an oh-so-classy way) is one of my favourite places. I love it because first off, I'm big on class, if you haven't noticed. I NEED expensive stuff to live contently (I got a diamond ring for mah 18th birthday). Second, I love the theory of gambling. One roll of the dice can cost a person an entire years income. Have you ever really thought about that? It's amazing, when you think of it. There's a 1/37 chance of winning a game of roulette (when you bet on a single number). The odds are against them, but people play anyways. So, in honour of my mother traveling to one of my favorite places without me, I'm dedicating this week to one of mah favourite characters! "Lady Luck" is her nickname, and winning is her game. Seriously. She's my classy and sophisticated vampire from Las Vagas. She's the kinda person who, when strolling through a casino, causes every chump sitting at a slot machine to hit the jackpot. Lucky. Of course, she's also a bit of a cynical bitch. And a mass murderer. Never-the-less, she's one of my favourite characters, and is by far the most fun to draw! (She and Akabane would make a good couple. A grim simbiosis with unfortunate onsequences for others, but a good couple none-the-less...) I've got a few pics in mah fanart... She's the woman with long straight hair and the big hat. ^_^

And a select quote...

"You can't have a proper introduction without giving your full name, my dear. Tell me; do you remember mine? You should always remember a ladies' name, no matter what the circumstances. I'll tell you again, and this time don't forget. Miles Valterra... Lady Luck."

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