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Thursday, November 29, 2007

   Kagami=Uber Hottness
So, things have been going well for me.

My friend from Argentina is working on a letter to send me, even though he never recieved the one I sent him, and I'm so glad! (Although he did threaten to send me a picture of Kagami without an arm... Jerk.) When he found out I was in Japan, he was so jealous. XP

Poker Party is now on page 4. Yay! And I'm suer excited for page five, since all it is is a series of pictures of Keigo and Akabane, with one picture of Naruto. (I believe that's the ratio, yes...) so if ya have time, be sure to check out page four! I also added an art piece featuring Kagami and illustrating my colouring process. What fun!

It's almost december and I can't wait for Christmas... Free presents! LOTS and LOTS of free presents! I'm tired of getting stuff for my sister, though, so I'm not even going to bother this year. She's a sociopath anyways, so why should I care about her? Everyone always tells me to treat her better, but I don't treat her badly... I just treat her like she doesn't exist.

Tom sent an e-mail to his friend about getting Rando Ayamine over to PNCA. I doubt he'll come, but it's awesome that my stepdad is putting so much effort into getting my personal hero over here. Although, he did threaten to invite him over on a date I'm not here, and have him stay in my room... Bastard. I don't think he'd actually do that. Anyways, I don't think it'll happen, but I've got my hopes up just in case.

And in closing, I'll leave you with an annoying quote from me and a friend of mine.

Hanna: So you think all dogs are ugly...?
Tommy: No, not all dogs. Just jackals.

Have a great day, everybody!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay, despite the fact that I'm still feeling homicidal about the whole nyaf thing (get over it Hanna), I have good news for all!

Fan manga submitting is now working for me again! This means Poker Party is ready to rock and roll once more, after some intense e-mailing 'n whatnot (it wasn't that intense). I've submitted page 2, so ya'll should check it out, once it goes through! I'm so glad at least one good thing has happened to me this week, things just keep getting better and better. At any rate, take a look at page two, things are really heating up. XP Ah, and incase you haven't noticed, I've replaced Lil' Red with Faye Valentine, and Ginji with Kenshin, due to an overcrowding of GetBackers and SWTWC characters. So I recomend checking it out, I think it's pretty fun! Later!

-Hanna J (getting happier every day)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hope You Die
Not you, just for the record. Sorry, I`m still a little upset about the nyaf thing. I deserved to be a finalist, despite my egocentricity, and whatever else makes me look bad. Still haven`t drawn since I didn`t make it. Seriously, they`ve messed me up good. The only time I`ve used my pencil since then, was to write a paragraph about psychopathic tendancies, and the talker\doer sociopathic couples, and how how Kagami and Keigo would make a good pair. It`s deffinately going to be a while before I use that pencil for art, again.

Xaos, I haven`t met Yuya or Rando, and something tells me I`m not going to, on this trip. However, my stepfather is president of an art college, and he`s working on getting Ayamine to come down and talk at the college, which means he`ll be staying at my house for a few days. Now if he can pull that off, it`d be way cooler than visiting him in Japan. We made a bet about it. I said there]s no way he would come, and my stepdad said he`d deffinately come. WHO WILL WIN?!

I`m trying to think of ways to boost my self esteem, but I`ve got nothing. If you can think of anything that will make my egocentric self feel better about my egocentric self, let me know, `cause I`m about to go on a homicidal rampage.

I bet you think I`m joking.

I`m not.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Day two in Japan. This keyboard is hard to use, Very hard. It`s hard to enjoy it here, though, because of the whole contest thing. Seriously, I`ve been so mad. Oh well. Anyways, I hope there:s (see? The keyboards hard!) an explosion at the festival and everyone dies. Yes, I`m one of those people. XP And Xaos, usually I:m homicidal, but this just soooooo got to me, I feel like I`m the one that needs to die. I haven`t drawn at all since I didn`t make it. And something tells me I won`t be drawing for at least a few weeks, due to my incredible drop in self esteem. Oye. Anyways I`d better go. Hope everyone burns. G`night. XP
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few things
First off, I'm in Japan right now, so I won't be online much.

Second, I'm incredibly mad at the O and Del Rey right now, because I didn't make it to the nyaf finals. In my personal opinion, my entrees were just as good, if not better than half of the ones than made it. I entered because I needed a self-esteem boost (not only am I egotistical, but I'm clinically depressed, the two often come hand-in-hand) and I figured I was good enough to make it to the finals. But apparently I'm not. My self-esteem just dropped 300 points. I thought maybe one good thing would happen to me this year, but I guess I was wrong. Good bye. *Goes to shoot self*

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

GB's 21 (Contains very minor GetBackers 21 spoilers)
Getbackers 21 came out in English today! Hellz yeah! Sooooooo awesome! Finally, I get to see Akabane jump out of a helicopter, leaving Ginji to die... A daring rescue. Heheheh. And Amon, FINALLY! I friggin' LOVE Amon! Almost as much as Akabane... He's a bit more huggable. *Huggles* "My cat's a catastophe!" Heheh.

Ah, and the weirdest Akabane live EVER:

"Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little dogies! It's your misfortune, and none of my own."

So that's all, hopefully everyone gets a chance to read it, it's AWESOME.^^

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

There's More Than One Kind of Killer
It's funny. Thinking about just how many types of people there are in this world. And how everyone is different in their own little "special" way. Have you ever actually thought about how there are so many different kinds of serial killers?

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Probably not. But I have. And I know you're just DYING to hear about them, aren't you? So here are some of the most commonly reprisented ones.

The Family-Man

This is the guy who lives just down the block whom you see out watering his plastic-green lawn everyday, behind his white picket fence. He's got a wife and kids, and a horrible, horrible secret. He's a leader in the community, and a helpful, friendly person. Little does the world know, he's also a homicidal madman.

THe Religious Killer

He's doing God's work. Or so he seems to think. This guy is just downright crazy. He literally believes God (or some other higher power) is telling him to kill. He doesn't actually feel the need to commit murder, but his need to satify God takes over, and he end up going on a murderous rampage. Yay!

The Psychotic Madman

This is the man who you see walking down the street, and immediately think to yourself "that man is a serial killer." There's no hiding it. He's killed before, and you can tell. You'll notice that everyone else around you is avoiding him, too... This category includes people like the Texas Chainsaw Killer.

The Meloncholy Murderer

Murder is just extroverted suicide. This man actually believes he's performing murcy killings. Really. He thinks he's doing people favours by brutally dismembering them. His philosophy is "life sucks; I'm saving you from it."

The Sophisticate

He's tall, he's handsome, he's witty, and he's completely insane. These killers are hard to find, because they know just how to hide themselves in the outside world. The perfect man. They're rich, they're talented, they're intelligent... Ladies love them... A sad case. Killers like this include characters like Patrick Bateman (see the crazy-man with the axe above) in "American Psycho" and Akabane in "GetBackers." Despite the fact that they're homicidal psychopaths, they're simply irrisistable. Why?! The world will never know...

So those are just a few of the many kinds of serial killers we have in this world. Scary, wouldn't you say? Most people think of all serial killers as crazy and out-of-their minds, when in fact, most of them blend in almost perfectly. A disturbing thought, isn't it? For all you know, your neighbor could be a sociopathic monster. Hey, every killer has to live SOMEWHERE...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Okay, so I've been watcing this show called "Detective Academy Q." There's a live-action adaptation, but I much prefer the anime... Anyway,there's this character I have an odd obsession with, named Koutarou Nanami. He's mah avatar, now.^^ My friend seems to dislike him... A lot. It makes me so sad. :( He's a detective, and the right-hand man of Dan Morihiko, founder of the detective academy. He's really funny, and adorable, and vain, and by far, my favorite. He's also a master of disguise (although my friend doesn't seem to think so...) and will often dress up to spy on people. He especially favours an eccetric collection of cactus outfits, which my friend thinks are stupid. :( But I think they're sooooooo cute!^^ Why, Terra? Why must you hate him, so? *Weeps*
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   HALLOWEEN!!/Poker Party Tragedy
Halloween friggin' rocked mah socks. I didn't really have a costume, so I just picked some stuff I knew I already had, and was a bartender.^^ Black pants/shoes, white dress shirt, pinstripe vest and awesomeness red bowtie.^^ Sooo much fun! But my friend kept trying to send me to the kitchen to get drinks. :( Aaaaand, we watched mah favorite movie of all times, Clue. If you haven't seen it, see it. You'll laugh yourself to death. And my friend stood outside for a good portion of the night with a werewolf mask on, pretending to be hanged, until some kids came to the house. We heard lots of screaming, inside.^^ Plus, my friend didn't get to molest my pillow! (Kuroudo-chan... He already got Kyoji-kun... :() So that was good, too. Overall, it was an awesome Halloween, I hope you guys all had fun, too.^^

DAMN OTAKU!!! I am sooooo pissed off right now! I've finished the second page to Poker Party, and for some reason, theotaku won't let me add pages to it, now!! No one else seems to be experiencing this problem, just me!!! And it's not just poker party! For basically everything, after I select the series, you're supposed to select which page you want it to go after. But, the only option it gave me was "Please select series first." It's like none of my comics have any pages!!! So I'm sorry, everyone! I don't know if I'll ever be able to upload the rest of Poker Party! But it's not my fault, I'm doing my best, and theO just won't take it! I sent them a message about it, but I never got a response, so I don't know what to do... I've tried on four different computers, two in Oregon, and two in California, so I swear to god, it's not something I'VE done... I'm sooooo sorry, everyone!!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

   HAPPY F*CKIN' HALLOWEEN, YA'LL! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! HANNA J FAULSTICH IS A BARTENDER, THIS YEAR!!! Pour the drinks, pass the candy, and have the best f*ckin' night of your life!!

--Hanna J

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