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myOtaku.com: Bloodmire

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chapter 1: Shile

I can not help but watch the red dawn fireball rise in a sky of violet haze.
As life wakes from the death of night, vermillion rays glaze the golden
fields of wheat. The sound of beast stirring whispers across the wind. And a
village, still lost in the land of dreams, begins to breath in the morning
I am at peace in this simple place. So far from the lands I use to reside
in. Here, there are no cities, no corruption by politicians, and no laws
forged by ignorance. This is a paradise of calm serenity. A feeling I know
wont last.
Coming before the villages open gates, I read the name Shile posted high
above. Entering, I am not surprised by the suspicious eyes of the villagers
or their movements to keep away from me. I can not blame them. I am a
stranger. A rugged traveler covered in leather and steel, with a low brim
hat, and the gleaming handle of a longsword hooked on my side. But I know
its the features of my lineage that brings their distrust.
"Stop, Half-breed," came a voice behind me, boots approaching fast. Shaken
by the voice, I turn around.
With haste, three large and broad individuals make their way to me. They
resemble giants, monstrous humanoids with the strength of ten strong men.
But these men are smaller. I can even smell the distinct aroma of human
emotion. They must also be half-breeds. That is Ironic.
In an outfit of steel, they each carry a massive halberd and wear helmets
crowned in horns. Staring down from the black abyss of their visors, I can
feel their eyes scanning my every feature. Not to be rude, I remove my hat
so they may remember me.
My hair is coarse and dull, a mess of spiky, shaggy red that is no longer
than the nape of my neck. My eyes are wild and cat-like with bright yellow
hues. As for my skin, it is an assortment of pink flesh and patches of thick
red scales. A large span of the scales runs from m neck and under my collar.
I smile and bow to the three politely. I do not wish to cause any trouble.
Also, I am an honorable gentleman. And as long as I do not lower myself and
keep out of causing a problem, then I shall be fine.
"State your business?" commands the center half-giant.
Now this will be amusing. "I am just a wanderer passing through. I will only
be here for a short rest."
My voice isn't the most pleasant of sounds. Far from being human, its like a
ogre gargling glass. With all the growls and grunts. And then the sharp
pointed teeth.
Not looking at all pleased at my reply, "We are the brothers of Shile! We
are the law of this village. To keep the peace in the village, we ask you to
remove your sword. We will keep it in our custody until your time is over in
Shile. Your answer?"
I try to be nice when I answer to such demands. It usually ends with
“I would like to give you a favorable answer, but I must object. My honor
does not allow for me to give up my sacred weapon. Even in death, my sword
must be my side. So, unless you have another solution, then this will only
end in bloodshed.”
I did not intend it to sound like a threat. I never do. So, now I am
staring at the pointed ends of the half-giants’ halberds.
I am not a fool. These creatures are not humans with spears or dumb giants
with clubs. They are cunning and strong warriors with a love of battle. No
easy victory to gain. To survive, I must give it my all.
I pull my sword from its sheath and position myself in a combat stance. Two
hands on my blade, I try to calculate a plan. But two many unknown variables
are in play. I have no choice but to trust in lady luck and hope that is
enough to win.
Readily, I raise my long sword above my head and shift my body to charge.
To my surprise, two slender hands wrap around my neck and yanks me back. I
am now in a warm embrace in the arms of what smells to be a female.
So, not only could I not hear her or sense her presence approach me, she
was able to grab me and hold me stiff. Add in the fact I don’t know if she
is friend or foe, then we have a problem. So, I am about to panic.

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