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myOtaku.com: Bloodmire

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mardel awoke in a moment of unknowing, his mind clouded in confusion. Trying to get up, he was struck with withering pain and a river of hot liquid burst from his chest. Laughter burst into the air and echo within his head like melted steel. Opening his blue glazed eyes, he could see the wicked hag holding a doll shaped like him.
Smiling with a toothless maw, the ancient hag fell to her knees and started to crawl around Mardel, her wrinkled and diseased corpse cluching the doll tightly in her hand. Her eyes glowed with glee and climbed upon him, pushing back her white shocked hair from her body, revealing her nude body. And of all that, she reaked of the rotting and copper smell of flesh and blood.
Leaning over him, she began to lap up the cooling thick nector from his chest, giggling like a child as she gulps down. Then, moving like a snake up his chest, she came to face him, staring through her colorless dull eyes at his face.
"My dear. My dear. You feel my body so. Such exubberent force your life is. So strong with the living. Soon, it will all be mine."
With another wave a cackling laughter, her body began to change, her once aged body had began to change, becoming young and taking the form of a beautiful woman.
"Soon my dear, I will once again be young and I shall leave this place. I will be able to walk among others. I will seduce and embrace men. I shall greedily eat the flesh of children. And this is all because of you."
As she gloated over her new life she was about to begin, Mardel's lips began to move and whisper, his left hand drawling in the sand. Noticing this, she looked down at his hand.
"What are you doing?"
Turning his hand around, fire burst from his hand and engulfed the womans hand and hair, burning away her scalp and the doll she carried. In a tantrum of screams and curses, Mardel regained control of his body and pulled a dagger from his belt and stabbed it into her left breast. Rolling off him, she started to crawl off to a dark hallway.
Straining in pain, he lifted himself on to one knee and uttered profanity. Blood gushed like a river his chest. Wuickly he covered it and spoke words of power, lighting his hand in a holy glow, and shining brightly. As he took it away, the wound was no longer there, only a lasting red scar.
Relieved from the pain, he finally got to his feet and pulled the two rapiers from their sheathes and chased after her, a solid and grim resolve on his visage.
Entering the hall way, he was quickly walled off by a number of minions under the hag. There were goblin and orcs with leather armor and clubs and two ogres with iron melded hands, all ready to kill Mardel.
First came the goblins, their numbers reaching the most and more vicious than the others, ganging up on their victim. But Mardel was not afraid. He waded within them, his quick blades slice and stabbing into the small skulls of the moldy green monsters, their flesh holding no ristance. In moments, they were dispatched with a final whining cry.
The next assault was the orcs. Their clubs crashing down with thunderous blows at Mardel. Dodging around, he began to use the creatures attacks against them, forcing one to hit the other or create an opening for his own attacks. Taking a much longer time to kill all of them, he took his time and ensured not one was left standing.

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