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Friday, May 12, 2006

One way
I seem to be going one way. Only one way. Just straight ahead, though every path seems different. No matter the choices I make, it is always one way I will go. I am not allowed to make a different path. I am fated to be this way. I don't believe it. I will not believe it. I am my own free person. But so many things confuse me. They touch me and molest my soul. But I know better. I know much more than this damn road. Heh, But still, I walk only one way. One way to nowhere.

To someone special!

I am burning. Burning with desire. Desire for her. For her the queen of my heart. My heart that is locked by a key. The key to that place of my heart of hearts. My heart of hearts that hides my secrets. My secrets that never lie nor decieve. Lie nor decieve anyone but me. Me who smiles and laughs with morbid intent and selfish dispair. Selfish despair that ask no one to join. To join me is to take part of my sorrow. My sorrow that bleeds with pain. Pain that gives no strength. No strength worth my problems. Problems that share no common grounds. No common ground for one to tread. To tread upon the dreams of terror. Terror to dark to speak. Speak I do. I do in love for you. You my only one. One which only touches the deepest of my soul...

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