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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To those who care
I seem to find myself no longer in the grace of friends I once had here. Sad really and I guess expected. I see that I will no longer have the support of all my fellow friends and admirers of my stories and that I have lost touch with you. So, for now on, I will only post for those who care, if any are here.

[ The giant slashed his sword down at the Wanderer intending to split him in two. The wanderer, finding the opening, rushed the Sword bearer and spun around to send an elbow into his chest. Slamming into the Giant's diafram, the wanderer quickly lifted his leg and brought it backwards, slamming it onto the giant's knee. Falling to that knee, the giant was now kneeling, his other leg holding support. The wanderer then used that support to throw himself up and where he did not have to jump to hit him in the face. With his bandage hands, he began to punch the giant with exzubberant force, blood now flying from the cuts and bruises the wanderer was making on the sword bearer's face. Finally, he stops his berrage of attacks and steps down from the Giant's leg and walks around his body to face the other two. Blood dripped from his bandaged hands. ]

[ Kicking the beaten Giant, his lifeless body fell forward and hit the ground with a thud. Pools of blood forming on the spot. ]

[ The other two, seeing this act, began to howl into the air like wild beast and the flush of red formed on the visible bare flesh. With the blood pumping hotly, they both charged in madden anger at the wanderer. ]

[ Taking no time, the wanderer saw from his perefial a table with a cup of chop sticks sitting on top of it. Running to the table, he grabs the chop sticks and turns around just in time to dodge the Giant 2 Fist. Grabbing his arm, he ducked under it and went to the outside, taking a two chopsticks and stabbing them on both sides of Giant 2's elboy. With the elbow locked in place, he ducks back under the arm just in time to dodge Giant 3's leg, grabbing the leg and pulling it around Giant 2's waist and placing two chop sticks into Giant 3's knee. Sliding under Giant 2's legs, he places two more chop sticks into his lower spinal cord and paralyzes him, then pushing him over where he slammed his face into the table, forcing his nose to shove into his brain. Giant 3 fell with him, forcing the chop sticks to shove and shatter his knee from the force and weight of Giant 2's body. Taking the last two chop sticks, the wanderer then finish's Giant 3 by severing his spinal cord from his brain, killing him instantly. ]

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