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myOtaku.com: Bloodmire

Friday, December 16, 2005

[ The wonderer goes only a little more ways down the street before suddenly he hears the screams of a woman and children. Showing a sign of concern in his eyes, he races off to where the sound came from. As he approaches one of the buildings, he sees two figures standing outside its door. They were large, bulking men who stood high above anyone he had every seen, dressed in black gi with hoods over their heads, faces hidden in the darkness, muscles bulging through the fabric. On there chest was a symbol of a blue bulls head. Inside, screams could be heard and it was not a moment later that two small children and a older woman was thrown out onto the street. Following them was two beaten men, dressed in the clothes of a magistrate. Walking out behind them all was another large bull man, holding a large wicked Katana in his hand. Gesturing to the other two giants, they walked over to the magistrate and lifted them off the ground and forced them to bow forward. Raising the Katana, the bull man swiped down over their necks and decapitated them. More screams came from the woman and children, backing away from the men. Turning on the woman and children, the sword bearing giant lifted his weapon and began to walk towards them. ]
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