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Friday, December 9, 2005

Ok... here is a small portion of the opening scripts. All the action, blah blah blah.

Chapter 1: The Wanderer's Path

[ Opening Scene: Its Midday. Blue skies. High sun. The area is filled with hills covered in high green grass surrounded by mountains. A long wide dirt road is set in the hills, going straight into a mountain pass. Through this pass goes to a city that sites on what was a bare mass of rock. Its a huge city with towering buildings and large palace visible in the higher reaches of the mountains. Walking this pass is a figure wrapped in the robes of a priest, his arms folded and the right arm pushed under the long wide sleeve of the other. He wears a straw hat upon his head and a silk scarf around his face. His dark gray eyes are the only visible thing, but only barely under the straw hat. He also wears a necklace of beads and wooden figures around his neck with a large steel circlet at its bottom. He finally makes it to the door of silver and gold, standing about 20' high and 15' wide. Closed, it bore men who resemble nothing of guards, but more like thugs, with clothes worn by martial artist. Their clothes are black, a visible semble of a red dragon on their chest, and carried Katanas on their sashes. One of them, presumedily the leader, stepped forward. He had short ragged black hair and eyes of trickery. A grin placid on his face like he had won something special. Stopping, the wanderer stares at the man. ]

Thug: (( Looking the man up and down )) "Well, looky here. Where you heading, stranger?"

Wanderer: "No where in perticular. I am just a humble priest who walks around aimlessly to preach peace of mind and of happiness."

Thug: (( A look of surprise jumps in the man's face. )) "Heh. Well isn't that interesting. Pointless. But interesting. Well, this city is Kin Kon Kitsu. If you wish to preach your madness, go on ahead."

[ Believing that to be his passage in, the wanderer bows and begins to head towards the gate, only to be stoped by an outstretched arm of the thug. ]

Thug: (( Laughing )) "You can't enter yet priest. First you got to pay the entrance fee into the city. Which, by the way, is every piece of gold you have on you. So pay up or suffer the consequences, stranger."

Wanderer: (( Looks at the man with cold, hard eyes )) "So... your saying that if I don't pay, I can not enter the city, nor turn around and walk away? That, if I refuse, I die? Correct?"

Thug: (( Laughing again )) "I see you get the point. We really don't care who you are, but if you want to enter this city of hell, then we wont stop you. But, we just can't let you get away to tell others about this place. That could create all sorts of problems for us. So, make your choice."

[ Nodding to the thug, he removes his hands from under the sleeves and reaches into his robes. Retrieving a large bag of gold pieces, he hands it to the man, who thanks him and ties it to his belt. Giving a signal to open the gates, he stands back and bows to the wanderer. Slowly, the gates open and the wanderer steps inside. Just as the gates are closing though, a flash of light cuts through the air and a bag of coins flies through the gates and into the hand of the wanderer, a piece of thin wire, barely visible in the light of the sun, attached to it. He replaces the bag and continues walking. ]

[ At the entrance of the city, there are three directions he can go. Straight, right, and left. They all seem to be the same. Building, most likely houses and shops, follow down each path, empty from people and sound. Everywhere seemingly deserted. It would only be by surprise that he sees someone of life, a small group heading towards him. Unlike the people outside though, they are dressed in kimonoes, with green shirts and lavender skirts. On there center breast, there is a symbol of a snake covered in a jade color sparkles. They carry Kitanas and Scis on their belts. Also, there faces are covered by shalls and their black hair pulled back in ponytails. All are female.]

Female 1: (( Spotting the man, she stops and points at him)) "You! Stop where you are!"

[ The wanderer stopped just as she commanded and waited as they approached.]

Female 1: "Why are you walking the streets and not at the factory?"

Wanderer: (( Bowing )) "Please forgive me, but I have just arrived her into the city. I know nothing of this factory nor the rules you set about. I am just a simple preacher of peace in the mind and happiness."

Female 2: ((Laughing)) "Do you hear this man, sisters? He comes here to THIS city to preach PEACE and HAPPINESS. What a fool! There is no peace or happiness here, not for the likes of you and the commoners that live about. Here, this all you find."

[ Walkind up to the man, the second female speaker tears off the straw hat from the wanderer's head, allowing the flourished silky steel gray hair to fall from his scalp and over his face. She then backhands him, sending him backwards to the ground. Then, she stomps him on the chest, pinning him to the ground. Through all of this, he makes not one sound of pain or retaliation, just stairing through his hair up to the sky, as though dazed in his own world, to ignore this one. ]

Female 2: (( Laughing, she throws the hat upon him )) "This man is pathetic. Coming here to preach his peace and happiness, eh? All that will get you here is more of this Priest. Anyways, I am done playing with you. Maybe next time, if your alive, I might continue our little engagement. Hahaha!"

[ With that finished, the group continued walking towards the gate, now ignoring the wanderer. Standing up, he pulls his hair back and pulls down the scarf, blood seeping from the wound she placed upon his lip. Swipping it away, he could not help but notice a prying eye from behind a closed shutter, staring at him. Shaking his head, he touched a scar the scar that ran down his left cheek, remember something in his mind. It was a deep scar, dark and red, never really healed, going down under the scarf he hid it under. Replacing it the scarf, though blood still stained upon it, he continue to walk down the passage.]

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