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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

More characters ^_^
Paff Erio - The leader of the Crimson Dragons, this man was once a member of the Yakuza. Breaking off from the famed group of thugs, he came to Kin Kon Kitsu and was the reason for the whole war that now wages in the city. Not much is actually known about him, but rumors are said that he is a master of martial arts and a spear style combat.

Oranus Erio - Another leader of the Crimson Dragons, she is also the sister of Paff. She was also a member of the Yakuza and broke off at the same time as her brother, following him to the city Kin Kon Kitsu. Unlike her brother, she is not very secretive, loving the night life and the sensation of lust and greed. Though, she is a wild card, no one likes to get onto her badside as she is a very cold hearted reaper of death in her moods of madness. She uses two Kamas connected together by a 10 foot chain.

Haki Erio - The last leader of the Crimson Dragons, he is also the brother of the two other Erio and the most openly evil of the three. Unlike the other two, he never belonged to the Yakuza. Much older of the three, he had learned all of the arts of Erio name and was a prized warrior in the name of the Fuedal lords. He was a hero to many in the war of sepperation. It was after the war that he fell out of grace, his thirst of battle strong within his blood. He had become so drawn to it that he began to hunt down warriors and slay them without purpose or meaning other than his own sick desires and became so accustom to it that he started to kill anyone and everyone. In the end though, he was force to flee into hiding. How he came upon his brother and sister, no one knows. He is a master of Martial Arts, Two single headed axes, and His long bow staff.

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