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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Alright everyone. What I am posting is what is going to become a web comic that me and a friend is doing. I want your thoughts on the idea. K? ^_^

Gung Ho Mitsuhashi
Setting: A futuristic fantasy of a warring city in the tides of a broken fuedal Japan.
Storyline: An epic tale of a mysterious wanderer on a quest for answers, meaning, and most of all, redemption. But that doesn't seem possible as he comes to the city of Kin Kon Kitsu, a place of conflict and war between three factions who want control. From the moment he steps foot through the gates, he is thrown into the chaos that is Kin Kon Kitsu with no regard to his own wishes. Becoming a game of life and death, he becomes involved with a fleeing princess, reaquanted with an old enemy, and reminded of an ancient past. So, to his own dismay, he reweaves the patterns within in his soul and takes up the skills that kill, for in these moments of his life, its not about being the good or bad person, its about the person who survives.
Mitsuhashi Heito - A mysterious wanderer who by chance came to the city of Kin Kon Kitsu. At first, he is nothing but a pacifistic preacher of peace. But soon he becomes a Gung Ho Samurai/Ninja with skills that can only be called incrediable. A master of Bushido and Koga Ninjitsu, he leashes out a fury of hell that is only matched by the torment of his own mind.
Kakillo Titsumon - She is the daughter of the Lord of Kin Kon Kitsu, but also the only survivor of the blood bathed attack on the palace. She is a delicate girl with no understand of what is happening and is drawn into deep depression and mental problications. It would be a faithful day when she ran into the mysterious man who calls himself Mitsuhashi.
Sekio Merimore - The vigorious and brutal body gaurd of the Princess Kakillo. Being raised within a family of warriors, he was always taught to never give trust anyone and always be ready to kill without mercy. Such a strong belief it was as he slayed each person who stood in the way of escaping princess and to any who he believed to be suspicious. To him, there was nothing past battle and death. He began to think differently after he met that mysterious man.

Oh and what do you think of the Background? And no, I will never change the Avi, even if it is 20 years from now.

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