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Monday, November 28, 2005

Im Sorry
To everyone who read my post on Saturday. I am sorry. Had really bad day... relatives. Anyways, to show good faith in myself, here is just a little something for you all.

My eyes burn. Burning with desire. The desire for her. She the secret. The secret in my heart. The heart that beats.
I am in love. A love forbidden. Forbidden by my rules. The rules that I follow. Follow without reason.
Yet I can not sedate my lust. The Lust I hold for her beauty. The beauty that she holds. She holds with the light of the sun. The sun that shines for her life.
I am a betrayer. A betrayer of my own heart. The heart that can not touch. Touch the boundry of this lie. The lie that I have created.
So I leave. I leave so she may have a better life. A life without torment. The torment that I can create. To create which she does not deserve.
Dawn approaches. Approaches to bring life. The life of the world. And the last of dusk is gone. Gone as I am with the dusk.

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