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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another Poem
Yeah... another one

By:Michael L. West

Memories flood back into my mind
Seeing all these emotional scars

Once you were a meer shadow in my life
Now you are hurtful stain on my soul

I knew you as my sire
but it seems I must call you pain

Sorrow bares the heart so jaded
By a man I hardly knew

An enemy was I, to this day I believe
Afraid of the wrath the you display

A child I was but not no more
Still I feel such horrid aches

I wish I could tell you the truth
But I can not till I know its really you

You now are a hero sometimes in my thoughts
But I question your sincerity

Once day I hope I can forgive you for our sins
I hope one day we will be friends that we never were to begin.

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