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Friday, October 14, 2005

So... What is going on everyone? I have been going on about whats been going on with me, so tell me about you ^_^. I also like to apologize about not coming to your sites (( Which I do, I just don't leave messages )). Anyways, I am going to leave some peotry for you.

So Far Below
By: Michael L. West

Falling from the sky
My wings stripped away
Down shall I fall
To the earth so far below

Through clouds of fluffy white
In the blue heavens high
Stopping me not from going
TO the earth so far below

I can not close my eyes
Even though a fear what I see
In silent sorrow is my journey
To the earth so far below

Faster and faster I race
Head first toward my goal
Knowing this be my last and only trip
To the earth so far below

I wish goodbye to thee
As I find my final rest
Laying on the bloodfilled grass
On the earth so far below

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