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Friday, October 7, 2005

Last Day
Ok, people. Last day to ask questions! Starting tomorrow, I shall be returning back to my story, plus running the Lumerain Short Story Contest. So, hurry while you can!

Today we have three questions from three different people.

First one is from Link's Lil Fairy

Question: What inspired you to write a story such as this?

Answer: You know something... I don't know... honestly, I use to hate to write anything 3-4 years ago... I mean anything... I hated it. To tell you the truth, this was just a little boys imagination that went wild, considering I was wanting to make a video game with it...

This one is from Sailor Melina

Question: where did u come up with the names for everything??like Lumeria...or Razikiel Lazurus Valodiac??were they all just also names from imagination or is there any certain stories behind them?

Answer: First off... Lumeria was something I popped off into my head about two years ago... before then I didn't even have a name for the land lol. It actually came up for me to impress a girl I liked. Not very smooth, but hey. Now for Razikiel, that was a little bit trickier... Cause each part of Razikiel's name came from something else, some of the lettering different and other such things. See, the first part Razikiel actually comes from the name Raziel, which I took from a game known as Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I did this because the person who holds this name has a personality that is much like my characters. He is not evil, but he is not good... he can act out vengeance, but have complete passion and love for the kill. Lazurus from the name of King Lazurus, a saintly king who did only justice and always could forgive the worst of man. This one fits the Good Ego of my person, a passionate and unbending selfless warrior with no bonds to worldly possesions. Valodiac... now this one is the hard one, cause I did make it up... though to give it straights, it was a name I used to represent a demon of the most impurest and darkest form. This is also the which where the evil Ego of Razikiel takes place. He is just evil, no better way to put it, cause their is no better way to place him out. Death, chaos, and unruly destruction. But you will see how he is kept in check by the other two personalities. (( And if you couldn't guess, he is a Schitzo ))

and the last question comes from a new friend Lifeless Song

Question: What is lumeria?

Answer: Lumeria is actually a continent on a world known as Gaia Orvin, a massive planet three times the size of Jupiter. Lumeria is only one of the many land forms on Gaia Orvin and the main part of my story. There are other lands that will be visited by my character, such as the Desert lands known as Hellscape, where the center is a land of molten glass. Its just all a large scaled world where anything can happen.

Ok, old questions.

Question:so far, which is your favorite character? why?

Answer:It would be the main character of the whole story, Razikiel Lazurus Valodiac. The reason is because he was the original and I have had him in development for many years... To tell you the truth, I have an emotional connection mostly with my character... he is like an Alter Ego of me, if you understand...

Question 1:did u base any of ur chracters on ppl u know?

Answer: Actually, most of my characters are not based off of real people I know... they are actually based off of my own imagination from when I was an RP Nut! Most of the characters meet, I played as... every moment of their life was given breathe by me! I do have some who are based off of real people and some are based off of old RP pals... but nope, most of it is me. (( Not trying to snobbish, but I just want to tell the truth ))

Question:by lumeria, do you mean that ancient land that sunk into the pacific?

Answer:I tell you now... no, this is not based off Atlantis, the sunken city... This is a world I created all of my own... there is a whole history behind this world so massive that I had to put it into another book series called the Lumerain Prophicies... talking about the world before my main character Razikiel Lazurus Valodiac, the God's Disgrace

Question:the general steriotipical story characters are good and evil, right? good characters being good, and bad ones being bad....but, to humanize the bad characters....are you going to taint the "good" ones as well?

Answer:What does it really mean to be evil or good? Aren't we only mortal? Aren't we all able to be tempted? Good and Evil do not play parts in this story. Yes, some characters would be considered Evil or Good... but does not mean that they are that way completely...

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