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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Mondays Suck!
Hey guys,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Monday sucks alot, so I really don't post on that day if you never notice. Anyways, I have some more answers to your questions!

Sunday, I was given two question by my friend Sailor Melina!

Question 1:did u base any of ur chracters on ppl u know?

Answer: Actually, most of my characters are not based off of real people I know... they are actually based off of my own imagination from when I was an RP Nut! Most of the characters meet, I played as... every moment of their life was given breathe by me! I do have some who are based off of real people and some are based off of old RP pals... but nope, most of it is me. (( Not trying to snobbish, but I just want to tell the truth ))

Question 2:how long did it take for u to come up with the story?

Answer: I actually started work on this story almost 8 years ago... though it has changed alot and the story itself not like it was originally, it still bares the fruit of the world I created at my unripened age of 10. At that time, it was actually just my bedroom floor with little toys and stuff... you know, kids things and wild imagination... how would I know it would become so huge and deliciously filled with momentium ideas.

Now, I am going to tell you now, I will be posting old questions and answers every day also... so ask anything... remember, their is a whole world to discover just by asking about it! ^_^

Question:by lumeria, do you mean that ancient land that sunk into the pacific?

Answer:I tell you now... no, this is not based off Atlantis, the sunken city... This is a world I created all of my own... there is a whole history behind this world so massive that I had to put it into another book series called the Lumerain Prophicies... talking about the world before my main character Razikiel Lazurus Valodiac, the God's Disgrace

Question:the general steriotipical story characters are good and evil, right? good characters being good, and bad ones being bad....but, to humanize the bad characters....are you going to taint the "good" ones as well?

Answer:What does it really mean to be evil or good? Aren't we only mortal? Aren't we all able to be tempted? Good and Evil do not play parts in this story. Yes, some characters would be considered Evil or Good... but does not mean that they are that way completely...

Ok... one last thing... I am going to be holding a small little short story thingy for anyone who wants to give it a try...
Basically, I give you all a location, all of the info about it, a few already done characters, a basic character creation model, and a small plot point. Your jobs will be to create a short story out of these! And its completely based on what you want to be.
I will give you the basic rule of Lumeria... Anything can happen and will, there is no boundry held to this world for it is a world to any who wish to come!
So if you are interested, leave me a PM or Comment... and no story will be bad... I don't care how it sounds... just open your minds and create!

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