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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Ok, for the first set of question that have been asked, I will be answering Dream Wings first.

Your question is if I am going to make my good characters tainted...

My Answer is: What does it really mean to be evil or good? Aren't we only mortal? Aren't we all able to be tempted? Good and Evil do not play parts in this story. Yes, some characters would be considered Evil or Good... but does not mean that they are that way completely...

Now for the second question from Darkness of Heart.

I tell you now... no, this is not based off Atlantis, the sunken city... This is a world I created all of my own... there is a whole history behind this world so massive that I had to put it into another book series called the Lumerain Prophicies... talking about the world before my main character Razikiel Lazurus Valodiac, the God's Disgrace

Anyways... I wish you guys would ask more question... there is a whole world out there with all kinds of characters... you have to have something lol... your helping me reflect

P.S. To those who want to speak to me on a messenger, these are my SNs.


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