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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chapter 2
Yay! I am now on chapter 2 you guys... If anyone even cares anymore... but for those who do, here you go!

Chapter 2

The castle Raigon, a once great kingdom in the Lumerian lands, now only a memory to those who pay respect. Now in ruins, only the castle itself now stands, with the towers and stone wall gates brocken down and scatter every where. Even the castle itself is covered in moss and vine, the scars of battle and the testement of time showing that nothing last. Nothing stays forever.
Yet, even though it seems to have been abondoned for many years, no one will enter this place of now evil. Tales of this place run far through the veins of mortal psyche, of ghost and demons who now run the halls of the great white knights. Creatures so horrible that there presence every life of hope from your body and enslaves your soul. And just not that, but menacing creatures of death, known as Menaros, live in the courts and ruins of the castle, making life hell for any who even cross by the decriped old castle. Of course, unless you were a pack of fools, then it was an adventurers greatest dream.

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