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Sunday, September 11, 2005

New Update
Ok... so now I am going to be posting all of what was already wrote and the new paragraph or more that I do each day... just give me the thought of if it is good or not.

Chapter 1

In the lands of Lumeria, far into the east, there is a small country known as Garudia. Also known as the Forest of Shadow, tall dense trees with trunks the size of elephants rise high into the skies, with the biggest touching over the clouds miles above. Under the large branches and leaves, only the slightest of light touches the forest floor, leaving darkness to rule and figures, like shadows, to walk it. Only the River of Theadon and the mountains of Herard seperate this forest country from the rest of the Lumerain world.
In this forest, across a certain part of the Theadon river, there is a path that is rugged and harsh to travel, where only the most mastered of tracking could follow. For hours, this trail leads deeper and deeper into the forest, away from even a sign of day above, where beast of unknown lurks in the dark ahead. Further and further you will travel, by light would be the choice, until you come to a wall of tangle vines and thick undergrowth. To this point, it seems that there is no way through, but look harder and you would fine and small opening under the mess of vines.
Walking through, you would come to an opening, sun shining from the open spaces above. Green grass and delicated flowers being underfoot, and a small beaten dirt path. only a few yards away to where the dirt road leads is a tree that is bigger than all the rest, its trunk so large that not even five giants could reach its arms around and even so taller that not even ten could reach its top. A steel door of 10' tall was built to where the path stopped, and many windows, bared by steel also, covered up its massive side. On branches there were doors weapons perched on each. And above the door was the grandest sight of all, a Gryphon of Gold, nailed to the tree itself in all its pride and power. This was the base of the Golden Gryphon.
The Golden Gryphon, though only a whisper in the other Lumerian Countries, are a group of talented and extremely trained individuals. To many, they are heroes in the dark forest. But to some, they are the bane of all their work and power, taking away their control of the land, for they spark hope in all of a better life without the control of others. To put it best, there are no followers, but leaders that stand by each other and works together in ways that others only wish they could.
But, saints are not these people, for they do not accomidate their powers for free. Even though they only work for the forces of good, they still take payment, large amounts, to keep their coffers full. And even so, many of them came here from lives hidden or of terrible memorance. This is the second chance, an escape, and a challenge for these individuals. Despite this, they still look to defeat evil as much as possible. This is their goal and this is there lives. None can change it now.

Sitting alone in his room at the top of the tree, Syilos watched as the sun rise from his open hutch, the dark red rays shooting into his room. Shielding the glare from his small, silver eyes, he could not help but smile in this moment. As the light bared down upon him, he stood up in his naked form, a gaunt but strong muscular structure glowing from the tint of blue skin, beautiful in every nature. Even his hair, the dark grey from his scalp, was silky and showed much of the way he was, touching his lower back in a long braid.

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