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Monday, August 29, 2005

(( Anyone who is reading this today, I tell you now that if you wish not to hear or horrendious words and me being a jerk, continue down till you see me say ok ))

Damn it all to hell!
Can anyone help me please? Please? I am become so fed up with this bullshit! See, I use to be able to right a pretty good story without revising or anything, just out of my head, right? Then I could go back and make it better with lots of more detail and better sentences, ok? Well guess what, I can't anymore and it is pissing my off to the point that I will give up writing forever! Damn fucking piece of shit writers block is what it is! Damn it!

(( OK ))

On other news, I have just bought the best book ever in my life... Vampire Hunter D Vol.1... it is good novel, not manga, Novel! HEH HEH!

Yeah... so... I have nothing else to say... bye

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