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Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Book
This is the beginning I am trying to write... I don't think it is that great... but let me know what you think ^_^;;

Chapter 1: The One Eyed Slayer

The blood was thick as it dripped from the clenched fist of the young boy, flowing from the wound upon his shoulder. The wound was deep, torn by a serrated blade. Covering his eye with his other hand, even more blood drained from him, falling from his chin onto the white cotton shirt he wore. In his eye, a blaze of fiery fury stired in the dark green hue, madness filling his heart from the view of two women laying at his feet.
A smile of grim satisfaction laid upon the cold black eyes of their attacker, a warrior dressed in the cold black steel of armor, wielding a blade of wickedness that bore every ounce of fresh red liquid upon its serrated edges. With hair wild and black, flowing in the night winds, he looked like a demon in the eerie mist the cover the ground, glowing in the basque of the silver moon. He stared upon the boy with amusement, anxiously awaiting him, watching his every move.
" Well, boy? Are you going to just sit there or pick you up a weapon? There are two nice sword in those ladies belts. Why not take one? I would feel so bad to kill you without a fight..." and then he laughed, taunting and showering the boy with tension.
But, as the man said, two sword were in the belts of the woman, two blades representing the knightly order of Mythica.
Gritting his teeth, the boy removed his hand from his eye, only to reveal the sick truth. A deep ran across his cheek and his right eye was stabbed, rip from his skull, by this man. Bending over, he took the two swords from the women, shinging of metal as they left their scabbers. He held them close at first, before making a stance and reading himself.
Again, laughter escaped the man, " So... you are a dual wielder boy? I would have never guessed... Well, it won't matter long, your death shall be quick enough. "
Holding his weapon to the side, he stared at the boy with eyes of a madman and struck with fierce speed. The strike was hard and fast from above, meaning to cleave him in two, but the boy surprised him. Stepping to the right, he struck the blade away with his left sword and counter with the right. Already in a full swing, the blade caught the warrior in surprise, slashing into his jaw. The sword had cleanly through and left the black warrior scream in agony.
Backing away from the boy, the man cursed and screamed as he held his jaw. " You bastard! Look what you have done! You shall pay!"
Coming at him again, he swung hard at the boys right side, taking advantage of the missing eye. Yet, even as the blade came, it was like the boy had already forgotten the eye he once had and blocked the sword with both of his. Pushing the blade back, he swung both swords into his left shoulder, one going down into his chest and the other completely removing the arm. Again, was there tormented sounds.
In a moment of confusion, the man stared at the boy with disbelief, going into shock and hysteria. " How? How did you do that? How could you make yourself so in synch with the missing eye so quickly?"
And in a dark and soft tone, he answered, " I was already blind in that eye". Then he fell, falling victim to the blood lost.

He awoke with a headache and a feeling of nausia in a soft feather, a warm cover wrapped tightly around his body. As his eyes opened, he squinted to the strain of even the slightest of firelight. Finally, his eyes were open and he began to look around the room. It was simple, with a table and some chairs, a fireplace in the far corner, and a window that allowed small rays of the moon to pass inside the room. Laying with their heads upon the bed next to him, two women seem to be sleeping. At this moment, he smiled, glad that the women were fine.
Getting out of bed, he found his arm doctored and his head covered in cloth and bandage. Moving about the room, he discovered his body was cramped and tense, bed sore and strained. Finally, he was able to relax and walked to the table, where he found some bread and cheese with a half a pint of wine on the table. Sitting down, he devored the delicious food and drained the sweet taste of wine, loving every moment. He did not realize how long he had been asleep or the reason for his actions, but he did with passion.
Satisfied, he moved to an object he had not seen. A mirror, nailed to the back wall where the bed was, stained and black with age. Wipping away the grime, he finally could see himself. He was not the most handsome boy to say the least, a hard stricken persona to his life.
He had light white hair that was shoulder length, ussually messy and dirty, well groomed and pulled back into a braid. His eye was now a tender and much more innocent stare than the time before, and it was relief to him. His face was not the prettiest in the world, scarred by the constant battles he had been in and the long journey of survival. Even his skin reflected his hard life, dull and grey, pale from the days of starving and keeping from the light. Though, his clothes were a mass improvement. Instead of a cotton or leather, they were soft silk. A deep red long sleeve shirt adorn his upper torso and a dark black pants upon his legs. Such a soft and comfortable texture he thought. Looking back at the women, he could not thank them enough.

(( Well, there ya go... you want more, let me know... I do not think it is that good, but who says what I think matters ^_^))


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