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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I do not know what to make of this song... I don't know what it really means... Its just wierd... Let me know how it makes you feel.

By: Jonathon R. Bloodmire

I am making the choices
That are so difficult
To strangle out the pain
Or just to let it go

I am lost and hopeless
But that does not keep me here
I am broken by the lust of the world
Simply the moment has gone

Going into the unknown
Darkness is waiting
Feeling so jaded
Nothing is ever right

Going into the mindless
Forgetting who I am
Let me seem so fallen
I am timeless alone

All of these worms
Feasting off the filth of the world
Stronger they are coming
Till they eat each other

And making me seem to be there
Pieces of heaven are not
Shatter by the senseless
Maybe I am the rot

Going into the Unknown
Light is not the same
Silence is the feeling
Killing off the main

Going into the Madness
A center of the stage
I have seen what is nothing
Rowing down the boat

We find these rivers
No one knows
Understand is the official
I like here as the fool

Maybe this is fate
Draining away the mate
Moments I have overheard
Lonely lonely lonely...

Going into the Unknown
This is true
I speak so insanely
I want to get to you

Going into the cell
I must crazy
I have thought of it
Making me seem so...

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