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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Found and Broken Again
Hey everyone... how are you today? Me... well, let me begin with the fact I have not graduated Highschool... I am actually in a program from the High School known as the High School GED program... I know most of you will think that only morons go to this and you are right to a point... The only difference is, I am only in it cause I can not complete normal school for personal reasons. Actually, after only three days, I am already ready to take the test on tuesday. This is not easy stuff either. Anyways, I have passed the pre-test with a 628/700. This was an advance test for Senior levels in highschool... And you know something, I think it is a great program cause I do not get a GED, I get a Highschool diploma...

Now, for the pain... I had to do something I can never take back and wish I didn't have to do. I had to break up with a person I care much about. I do not know if they have the same, at least not anymore, and it still hurts. It seems I have had to do this with alot of people... Not the same circumstance, but many of my friends do not seem to be friends anymore... I do not know if I am going crazy or is everyone just changing to such hatred towards me... I don't know...

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