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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I guess my life has returned to nothingness. A place away from the hearts of friends. I am surrounded by madness and I become enraged with hate and misery. I do not know what to do when you are so far from those I wish to be with. This is Hell my friends, a place I lived before. My father the Bastard, my step-mom the Bitch, and my grandfathers home, plagued with rats of the worst kind. People who themselves feast on the weak and act as though their lives are horrible and they lay around and allow themselves to become pigs waiting for the slaughter. And it seems that even the people on Otaku wish not to speak to me anymore. I have I fallen so far from grace that I do not deserve life as I did once more?

I do not know, but in the darkness, the blood flows...


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