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Saturday, May 7, 2005

Bloodmire here to report our second meeting and first real practice. So, we have discussed many things and we come down to the whole point of the band.
First off, Band members!
Michael - Vocals
Shane - Bass and Back up vocals
TJ - Drummer
Ivan - Piano and Synthisizer
Eddie - Guitarist

Cool huh?
Well then there is our name!
Bleeding Estara!
Which means Bleeding Free, cause Estara is Latin for free.

Now, for the actual day...
It could of gone better to tell you the truth, but we also found who is really going to be in the band. Eddie and Shane work awesome together and stuff, Tj knows what he is doing on the drums, and Ivan is cool too! But me... needs lots of work on vocals lol. I didnt think I sung as good as I could and shane told me he noticed... it was kinda hard you know... Anyways, other than that, we already have Into the Darkness turned into a real Musical Song lol... Then Darkness from the Light is next. Anyways people, it was nice talking to ya, see ya later with another song or details on the band.

With Love
Jonathon R. Bloodmire

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