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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

once again i say sorry
really sorry i havent been updating AGAIN just i've been trying 2 get stuff ready 4 when i move out....which is 2morrow and i got a job 2...so i really wont b on much cuz it might take a while 2 get the net...but if u want 2 talk 2 me either IM me at
Yahoo Messenger- Bloodguzzler69
AIM- Bloodguzzler69
MSN Messenger- Bangablelightbulb
or if i not on bangablelightbulb i'll b on Bloodguzzler88

well i going now hopefully i get 2 talk 2 some of u ppl that write comments on my site...good bye...

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Well I found out what was going on saturday night was that the half brother's mum got a couple of guys to throw them off her property and they almost got into a fight with them and shit. Everyone luckly is alright though. I so happy lol. Ok now what the OMG is about yesterday I found out that David pierced his tounge and his NIPPLES!!! Both of them. Isn't that horrible lol? Well I don't care about the tounge ring he got that because he thought I'd like it anyway, but I don't understand why he got his nipples pierced. He just said he wanted to and that it hurt like hell when he was getting them pierced, but they feel good now. Lol he is a total freak. I want to see how horrible they look. I won't be able to stop laughing I bet. I also want to see what its like to kiss a guy with a tounge ring. I thought that was so cute though that he got it cause of me ^__^. Hmm well I think that's it. Well time for the RANDOMNESS:

Random Song: Engel by Rammstien

Random Anime Character: Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi

Random Question: What's the point of marriage if in a couple years your going to waste a lot of money to get a divorce?

Well till next post...

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Time for a boredness post
Well I have to stay up yet again, but this time I actually want to. Well I guess I should explain why I'm staying up late... David's half brother came to visit it dad(which is David's dad too) and the half brother's mum found out and she really hates the dad so she kicked the half brother out. Well tonight Drew, David & someone else they are related to went to go get the half brother's stuff and they were spose to be back a long ass time ago and well they aren't back. So I'm staying online till Drew gets on so I can make sure David is ok. I am so tired though. I thought about just putting my head phones on and turning the computer speakers up really loud so I could sleep here, but wake up when someone IMed me. So stressful I'm very worried about David though. What if his vehicle broke down? What if something happened with the mother? What if they got in a wreck? So very bad. I knew as soon as Drew gets home he'll email Lollie, but if I go to sleep and he doesn't I'll be even more worried in the morning. GR! So I just sitting here waiting for him to get online no one to talk to while I wait so I'm just writing a post. So bored...So tired...So worried...So wish I knew if he was ok or not. *YAWN* I'm trying to think about anything to write cause it's better then doing nothing cause then I know I will fall asleep I'm hoping to make it to at least 5am its 3:19am right now. My mum gets home around 7am and thats the latest I can stay up cause she'd be so pissed if she knew I stayed up all night. *Another Yawn*. What to do what to do. Why is no one online when I need them to be? Gr! Have nothing to do, but sit here and sit at the stupid wall. You know no one has been commenting on my post. So sad I usually get at least 3 comments to each post, but since the post right before the Yuri & Yaoi no one has commented :(. Y'all don't love me anymore. Lol it's ok I know my posts are pretty boring. *Yawn again*. I really think Drew should of called Lollie or left her an email or SOMETHING before he left. He should of wrote her an email with his(or who evers) cell phone number in it so Lollie could call him if she got worried...Which she is as well, but of course she's worried about Drew & I'm worried about David. Ok I can nor make it till 5 I don't even think I can make it till 4. it's 3:27am right now. They were spose to be back at 8pm. I do have a good reason to worry right? Damnit I hope he's ok. If anything happens to him I will be extrmely sad. I can't take it I need to sleep so I can stop thinking about this god damnit. Maybe he did just come home & go to bed instead of emailing Lollie. Of course he would never do that even more so since I called his house twice. I'm sure he's ok. Ok that's total bullshit I have no idea if he is ok or not what if he did get in a wreck and he is in a hospital? Damnit I also think the worst things. Yes I am going to bed now before I drive myself crazy. Till next post... Not doing randomness...
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well I went to my inertview it went ok I guess she told me that she'll be calling the people that she wants to have a second interview(which means they will get hired)on tuesday or wednesday I doubt I would be called, but oh well. I don't have very much faith in myself lol.I'm so pissed though cause LINDSAY LOHAN is sposed to be in X-men 3 and play Jubliee and that is just like the worst thing cause if she is in X-men 3 she'll ruin the whole thing even more so since she would be horrible to play as Jubliee. So pissed lol. I hate Lindsay Lohan along with a lot of other people I'll list them after the RANDOMNESS. Also another thing I'm pissed about is that they are making a Scream 4...I MEAN WTF!!! They should of stopped after the first one. They are also making a Jussraic Park IV which is ok cause I like Jussraic Park BUT Lindsay Lohan is going to be in it. Well there is a lot more stuff I pissed about, but I won't keep talking about it lol. Till next post...Now for the RANDOMNESS

Random Song: I can't make me By Butterfly Boucher (I really think y'all should listen to this song)

Random Anime Character: Ginta from Marmalade Boy

Random Question: If there was a god why would he allow so much turmoil?

Uh ya I know it used to be random thought, but I thought I should change it to Random Question. Well now for the people I really hate:

Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
50 Cent
Sophia Bush
Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen
Angelina Jolie
Catherine Zeta Jones
Nicole Richie
Shannon Elizabeth
Sheryl Crow

ok I can't think of anyone else but I KNOW there is more lol

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Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm super bored so I thought I'd get on Myotaku and tell y'all what's going on. Well David probably won't be going to the movies tomorrow with me, Lollie, & Drew (CRIES) because his brother is in town so if he does come his brother will too which means that David won't come over afterwards. Then before I knew about David's brother being here I asked Drew to ask him if he wanted to come over tomorrow and me & him just go somewhere since Lollie & Drew wanted to be alone tonight he said he would ask him, but then today I found out that someone set fire to David's dad's shop which totally sucks so they'll be working on that today trying to find what they can save. Also since I have that interview tomorrow if I get the job I'll get to see David even less then I do now. If I didn't know any better then I'd say someone or something is trying to keep us apart lol. So right now I just listening to music writing this post & playing solitaire waiting to see if Drew gets online so I know whats going on with David. This totally sucks I've been looking forward to this weekend since...last friday. Trying to think if there is anything else going on. I'm still working on that fucking learner's permit crap. I have like 10 questions left. I was talking to my friend and he was telling me he missed like 6 questions on his and he passed cause they can miss at the most 8 questions and pass (He lives in Lousiana) so that totally sucks cause that's more then Texas gives the most you can miss is THREE!!! I wouldn't be so worried about the damn thing if I could miss more then that, but no Texas has to be a bitch. I hate living in Texas it totally sucks, but of course I do love the country I also love the big city. I can not decide which one I would want to live in though. I've always wanted to live in the country since I was little and get horses and cows and stuff like that, but now I want to live in the big city cause there's more things to do. I love horses they are awesome. I used to ride horses all the time and even take classes or whatever for it, but then I couldn't ride anymore cause of my fucking back. I have really bad back problems lol even though it just cause I overweight. Hmm I guess if I get a good job that pays a lot (I love money ^__^) I could live in the country and get land and crap. David wants to live in the country too when he gets older lol. Recently I've really been going for guys that are more country like. Totally weird. Well I going to shut up now cause I'm sure this post is getting boring. Well till next post. Now for the RANDOMNESS:

Random Song: Feeling This by Blink-182

Random Anime Character: Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop

Random Thought: Why am I here?

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