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Saturday, December 24, 2005

German CD...
I got a techpop cd for one of my frends for XMas... well after i bought it i was in the car, and i looked at it and thought... huh... and kinda pondered it for awhile... then when i got home i puit it in the CD player... it was a German Rave CD!!! it was either in german talking about heroine (sp?) of in english talking about being horny, booze, and heroine!!.... so now i dont know if i want to give it to her... june would kill me!!!!lol
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Friday, December 23, 2005

my Xmas trip so far 12/22/05
1:21 am: I've been in this car for twelve hours... TWO hours more than regular and we still arn't there!! 0o0o! look, Lexi! a giant Xmas tree on top of that building!! omg!... i wonder how it got there.... well I wouldn't set it up even if someone paid me!!!

1:45 a. : *reaches grammy's house... runs to grammy.... she asks if it was a trip from hell* you have no idea... *starts to cry...* mom's coming *stops and goes inside* for the first time in my life... i'm not sure what to think....these are taers of sorrow, relief, joy,anger....and so much more...even my mood ring is three colors different...if only if only if only you were here... i could calm doln..

2:09 : sleeps.......

9:30 :*wakes up* damn... I gotta stop doin' that.... goooo baaacckkk toooo slleeppp....bathroom.... then sleep......

10:45 : *eats allll the bacon* whahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! *grammy makes more* eh... I'm bored... KITTEN!! *runs outside to cath the 6 week old kittens...* yay!! i got one!!

11:09 : *leave for galvestain w/ grandad* I love galestain!! I absolutely Love it!!!

1:45 : *Hastings* no... no... no... no.... ah ha-...no... no... damn! they dont have it... *talks to shelby...* damnit! i should have told him else-wise...now I feel bad.... I wonder what c.j.'s doing right now...?

2:09 : *walking on beach* the smell of salty air... a warm moist breese whipping my hair, clear blue skies.... and sea guls casually flying by... this is a paradise....

3:00 : *leaving* I will take sarah, charles, shelby, and jessi down here someday... and we'll be free...

3:50 : *come home gets on the computer and starts typing...*

--------------tune in next time for tomarrow!!------------------


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X-Mas break so far...12/21/05... Lexi's thoughts**
3:15 : kiss me... please!! I'm teasing you! fall for the trap!! please! Kiss me! *gets a kiss* Yes!!!...................... one more? no, the teacher is looking... *kisses C.J anyways* hahahahahaha!! stick that up your ass Norwood!!!You to Mr. Taylor!! *bell rings; its 3:30*

3:37 : *says bye...* I dont feel good...

3:40 : *gets in car* I really dont feel good...

4:30 : *throws hissy fit* I DONT FUCKING FEEL GOOD! GET IT THREW YOUR HEADS!! *gets beaten by mother... step father just watches*

5:30 : *literally gets dragged into the car... feet bleeding* thats righgt I'll bloody up the car nioce and good so when the cops search it... heheheh... owy my feet...

5: 56 : *have to turn around... forgot my glasses..* I dont need them just drive dammit!!!

9:35 : i'm in hell im in hell im in hell im in hell... * pull up to first stop* IM IN HELL IM IN HELL IM IN HELL!!.... well acually im in Bartlesville... XP....

10:30 : *open presents....* wow... cow slippers.... and a pillow that if I lay just right on; feels like there is some one holding me... thats all i need...

11:45 : . . . . . . . . . *tears stream down face* i'm not allowed to cry im not allowed to cry. Lexi! stop or you'll get beat!!! whatthe...holy hell!!!!

12:00 : *startes period* DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-------tune in next time to here about tomarrow!!!------------

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

PETA want animals to have more rights than human beings.
PETA is against eating meat.
PETA is against people having pets.
PETA is against hunting and fishing.
PETA is against the use of seeing-eye dogs.
PETA is against the use of dolphins by the US military to find
ocean mines.
PETA is against the use of police dogs.
PETA is against the use of animals for research that saves
human lives.
PETA is against putting animals in a zoo.
PETA is against using animals for any form of entertainment.
PETA is hypocritical.

PETA claims the 6 Million Jews slaughtered during the
Holocaust does not compare to Billions of chickens that will
be killed for human consumption.

When celebrity meat eaters become terminally ill, PETA
launches campaigns to blame the disease on eating meat even
when no medical research supports their claim.

When tragic events occur in the news, PETA launches
campaigns that call the event insignificant to the killing of
animals for food. A prime example would be the killing spree
in Vancouver in which 15 women were killed. PETA tried to
purchase full-page ads in the local papers, saying it doesn't
compare to the killing of animals for food. The papers would
not allow the advertisement. Originally, the authorities
believed the women were killed by Robert Pickton, a pig
farmer who may have given meat products to friends that
contained human remains. PETA launched an outdoor ad,
which featured a picture of a young woman along side of a pig,
with the caption "Neither of us is meat."

PETA put up billboards of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
with a milk mustache over the caption, "Got prostate cancer?"
when he announced that he had prostate cancer and ended his
campaign for the U.S. Senate.

After September 11th, PETA issued a press release accusing
Mayor Giuliani of "poor record when it comes to animals"
claiming that he should be setting up a task force to retrieve
nearby cats and dogs that have been "high traumatized and left
orphaned" Keep in mind that all human resources were
focused on rescuing humans from the debris, what rescue
personnel who weren't killed in the collapse of the towers,
were working days with little or no sleep; rescue personnel
from around the country flew to NYC to help.

PETA said that if research on just one animal could save 50
Million human lives, they would be against it.

-"Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we™d be
against it."
- PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, September 1989, Vogue

PETA has contributed thousands of dollars to known activist
extremists. Most of these extremist were involved in either
ALF or ELF, two organizations under FBI watch. The FBI is
monitoring these organizations for acts of terrorism in the
United States. These acts include arson, bombings, cutting the
brake lines on fishery trucks, breaking and entering,
destruction of government and organizational research
laboratories and murder. ALF, in one statement, has admitted
to over 100 acts of terrorism, all in the name of animal rights
and the economy.

PETA has given over $45,000 to the defense of Rodney
Coronado, an ALF member convicted of a firebombing at
Michigan State University. During this criminal act of arson,
Rodney Coronado stole documents and had them sent to a
PETA member, the sending of these packages was prearranged
by the president of PETA, herself. One of the packages was
intercepted by the FBI.

Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, during his last
meal, decided to not eat meat. PETA's response to this was
given by Bruce Friedrich, when he told reporters śMr.
McVeigh™s decision to go vegetarian groups him with some of
the world™s greatest visionaries."

PETA published a pamphlet entitled "Activism and the law",
that offers advice on burning laboratory buildings. This same
pamphlet states "there is a higher law than that written by
those who subjugate the helpless", it states that the use of
illegal actions may be unpopular, but "no struggle against
exploitation has been won without them."

PETA contributed $27,000 to the legal defense of Roger
Troen for burglary and arson at the University of Oregon in
1986. In 1989, PETA informed its members of the payment.

PETA's 1988 Form 990. PETA contributed $7,500 to the legal
defense of Fran Stephanie Trutt, convicted of possessing pipe
bombs and prosecuted for the attempted murder of the
president of a medical laboratory.

PETA's 2001 Form 990. PETA payed lawyer fees for animal
rights criminals involving the North American Earth Liberation
Front, an FBI-declared domestic terrorist organization.

PETA claims animal research is useless to the medical field,
but their Vice President, Mary Beth Sweetland, has no
problem injecting insulin to help control her diabetes. She
claims that she is not a hypocrite, but she needs her life to
continue fighting for animals.

In 1999, PETA euthanized 1,325 of the 2,103 animals it took.
PETA claimed that euthanizing the cats was much kinder than
leaving them in the streets. PETA made the statement that a
quick painless death is much better than a slow painful one.
However, when hunters or farmers talk of quick painless ways
of killing animals, PETA calls them barbarians and claim no
animal death is justified.

PETA has committed to the use of propaganda in elementary
schools, claiming they can influence the foundation of
children's beliefs to make it easier to persuade them as
teenagers and adults. PETA uses scare tactics, and unethical
methods of convincing children milk and meat is bad.

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Monday, December 12, 2005


I got this from another otaku's site tankiez!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

....one more?

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green day

THIS IS NOT ME!!! ( though im sure I would do this....)

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Angel sanctuary

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BRain Stew/ Jaded
Every one who knows me knows Im sitting at the desk bobbing my head and overly dramticly (sp?) singing this song lol

Brain Stew
By Green Day

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