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Sunday, January 8, 2006

   The Erotic Parenter of a Leo
When two Leos make love, it gets pretty hot. In the rivalry of passions, the beds shake. Hurray.

The Virgo is prudish at first. On the one hand, that excites and challenges the Leo; on the other, it strangles desire.

With Libra, lovemaking can become true ecstasy provided that the Leo goes for quality instead of quantity.

When a Scorpio shares the bed with a Leo, a volcano can erupt. Unfortunately, neither one is considerate enough.

A Leo likes being seduced by a Sagittarian that is, if the Sagittarian gets a chance to do it, since the Leo usually makes the first move.

With a Capricorn, the Leo probably misses the spice in the love soup at first. But have no fear: Capricorn is very anxious to learn and ambitious.

The contrasts attract the Aquarius and the Leo, and make the bedroom talk exciting. But the danger of rejection exists also.

Dreamy Pisceans like to put themselves at Leo's feet. They are not at all stingy with affectionate caresses, which Leos savor. But some power could be missing.

The Aries knows to value the Leo's emotional intensity and passion and vice versa. Here, sex can become their favorite sport.

Not so for the Taurus, whose sensuality dazzles the Leo. But in spite of that, there could be inner blocks that interfere with their intoxication with each other.

The Gemini surprises and seduces the Leo with love techniques that are always new. That, of course, is great, and fun for both.

Cancerians' devotion and affection please Leo. If Leos will curb their passion a little, the relationship will work out excellently.

sorry this was silly so i had to put it up here

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and so obviously two leos together wasn't a good idea....
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July 23-August 22

Symbol: The Lion

Color: Gold

Planet: Sun

Good Day: Proud, entertaining, generous

Bad Day: Bratty, bossy, vain

Favorite Things: NTheaters, red roses, presents

Career Paths: Actor, politician, lawyer, the boss of anything!

The Sun is the center of our solar system and the ruler of Leo. Is it any wonder that your warmth (and ego) can be larger than life? When the whole universe revolves around you, it's hard to be humble! Like the Sun, Leo heats everything up with its dazzling drama. When things get too hot, this sign can burn things up--like money and relationships. And when the Sun sets, it's ice, ice baby. That's why friends of Leo know to keep them happy and shining…or else. Leo is the sign of drama, and oh, can you put on a show! Even the Leos who pretend to be shy come to life when the spotlight is on them. A natural-born leader, you love to be the boss. You're the queen of the jungle, after all! People pay attention to you whether you like it or not. Leos need mega-doses of praise and appreciation, which may cause people to think you're self-centered. The truth is, you have a huge heart, and you're the zodiac's most generous sign. You're always there to help, spoil, and protect the people you love. You give as good as you get. So what if your appetite is huge? Remember, people express love in different ways, and not everyone can show it like you do. Your energy may be hard for others to match. But it's never boring to be part of your glamorous world, so let your star shine. Somebody's gotta rule, and it might as well be you!

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hmmmm... this sounds oddliy familiar...

Sun Jan 1: Happy New Year!

You will need to remove emotions from your decisions today Leo, as a new romantic attachment may not be in your best interests. There is a strong romantic energy, so the possibilities of meeting a new love are high but a case of opposites attracting may not last the distance. Enjoy the romantic rush, but do not allow passion to rule your choices. Calming colours are nutmeg and saffron. Lucky numbers are 5 and 10.

Mon Jan 2: New Information

What was yesterday is now today! New information gives a different perspective Leo and you are able to see much more clearly the right direction to take. Still be wary of new romantic interests and attempt to remove emotional thought from any choices they may give to you. You are in a more stable mindset and can be certain of the outcome you desire. Insightful colours are jasmine and opal. Lucky numbers are 12 and 16.

Tue Jan 3: Disruptions

You feel you've hit rock bottom today Leo, as a hoped for plan or wish seems to crumble to nothing. There is disruption at every corner and you will feel quite devastated as yesterday, all seemed so bright and positive. What has changed today was not meant to be Leo and you must embrace that thought process so that you may dust yourself off and push forward once more. Fortunate colours are lavender and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 6 and 15.

Wed Jan 4: Love Or Lust?

Life can never keep your Leo energy down now can it? You rode the storm of yesterday and found a new and positive direction which will bring its own unique set of choices. Who and what will you follow today? Or will you entice them to follow you? New interests bring new individuals and someone unique may just catch your eye. Love or lust Leo? Let us make this your daily challenge. Passionate colours are dark plum and bright green. Lucky numbers are 27 and 8.

Thu Jan 5: Impress Only Yourself

Your will-power is tested today as someone attempts to change your decisions or direction. You will impress yourself with your own power and inner-strength by remaining firm with your choices and courageous in the face of disapproval. Follow your instincts towards your own righteous path. Subtle colours are rose quartz and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 24 and 7.

Fri Jan 6: Truth Revealed

The honest facts are revealed about a situation or an individual today Leo, which is upsetting to say the least. Don't focus on what has been lost. Remember that learning the truth now has saved you from further hurt at a later stage. False illusion will hurt you no more. Chin up! Auspicious colours are vanilla and magenta. Lucky numbers are 19 and 15.

Sat Jan 7: Focus And Progress

Your present focus is intense right now Leo. You are somewhat withdrawn from the social life you may have once enjoyed and more determined to maintain a calm structure. It is time to complete unfinished projects. The focus turns to the connection between spiritual beliefs and emotions, so this is a positive time to bring meditation to your daily routine. If you are studying or travelling, you can achieve your best. Propitious colours are pearl and mushroom. Lucky numbers are 19 and 13.

January 08,: Can You Handle It?

You seem to have painted yourself into a corner. When others offered to give you a hand with certain difficulties, you truly thought you could handle them yourself, so said no. Since then you've realised that you need help, but are too proud to ask. The only person who can overcome this is you.

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

   how The Ram's year has been going (( exzactly as its descibed))

You are a considerate person - you think before you act, and are troubled if you think you have unknowingly hurt someone else. If you have caused unforeseen problems or accidentally let someone else down, the chances are you will step forward to remedy the situation and re-establish the troubled friendship. It is this gentle and trust-worthy side of your character that not only helps you to maintain a good social circle, but also enables you to deal with life's ups and downs.

You are sensitive to the world around you, perhaps even too sensitive, as you often misinterpret situations. When faced with the unexpected you can be hesitant and nervous, since you are a peaceful person who tries to avoid unnecessary conflict. You also have the nature of a wanderer and are happy to set off on journeys to meet people and to see the world. As long as you do not head into strife-torn territory or are confronted by troublemakers, you travel confidently. Your journeys also have a more unconventional, spiritual dimension; you hold strong beliefs yourself, and are stimulated by the beliefs that guide others.

It is often the simple things in life that give you the most pleasure; a wonderful view, a beautifully created object or an inspiring piece of music will keep you happy and entranced. This dreamy side of your character could account for the fact that you do not like to make rules any more than you like to live by them. The last thing you want, or need, is to be held to a strict timetable. The urge to follow your instincts also reveals an obstinate streak, and this desire to find your dream can make you dissatisfied with what you already have. Sometimes good opportunities do come your way but you hold back, as it is hard for you to make a quick decision. Life's comforts are important and you do not want to put them at risk.


You need to feel secure in love and if your partner behaves indifferently it can leave you feeling very unsure of yourself. You have an emotional nature and are easily moved to tears, although it is often hard to explain why.

Despite this, however, you lack the confidence to express your emotions, and as a result you may miss good romantic opportunities. The pressure of approaching strangers or making conversation with new acquaintances makes you uncomfortable, and you are more likely to meet a partner through friends.

You do not like to feel overpowered in a relationship, nor do you relish having to abide by strict terms or conditions. You are gentle and romantic, in need of protection, but equally your creative spirit should not be suppressed. On the other hand, your partner may find your unconventional nature or hesitancy irritating but often this is forgiven because you have a kind heart. At times your absent -mindedness can be interpreted as thoughtlessness, but it is not in your nature to upset others intentionally.

.... yep thats about right!

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   Wow... Im a hypictirtical whore....
I just realized stuff.... and well... lemme start over....

I broke up w/ him, finally.....and after my anxiety went back to normal, my first thought was "Freedom, Friends, Family"...and after awhile I didnt really think abouit it, about him, I was focused on my school work....well of coarse he wanted to know why, and he thought it was becuase of another boy; so i wrote down a list, just organized my thoughts....and all of them were true as fire in hell... but I think he misinterpreted one.... and it makes me mad that he thought that..... lust is only one of the seven deadly sins.... it was also the only one we had in common..... but we also only agreed on on thing....and it got us in so much trouble...it gets any child of my age in trouble....thinking they were right. well, we weren't, and now it's all over. so good ridance to all those against us...they won.... but now one of my close friends admitted to me the day it happened, about 5 hours after it happened; that she thinks shes love's him. he reached out to her in need of a friend, for comfort.... she misread his actions for a crush.... she thinks she loves him, but she doesn't, she doesn't want him... she wants what he gave me.... that special something that is neither heavanly, noble, deadly, discraceful, kind or selfish....she wants his heart; which I broke for some of the most whore-ish reasons...but if he is never allowed to even see me at least once a month; then i'm not putting up w/ this bull s*&! anymore.....you have to have your parents support the things you want, or else you dont get them, bottom line.but i feelreally wishy-washy and VERY hypicritical because she was invited to see a movie @ his house with him today....and we're 'sposed tohave fun....i wanted to get my mind off of him so i came here.....dumb idea....and i told her "i dont wanna go over there, please? i came here to see you..." and she simply said.."oh, you noty allowed to go...".... okay, what ever...and im happy for her... but also it makes me sadi dont want him to be hurt anymore....and i dont want her to have what i had w/ him......i know i broke up w/ him... and it sounds whorey and niave and childish....but thats all i really am inside.... a small child, unsure of what she wants, alone to make her owne decisions, right or wrong....and i just had to get that out....

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

   Loves me...................Not...?
i think i just made the biggest mistake in my life..... i onno.... i'll just have to wait and see.... what more can I do?
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   The Missing
omg! i'm crying this is pitiful!!!

have you ever seen the movie called "The Missing" ? omg..... it is such a good movie.... i think its the only one that acually made tears flow down my face fluently....... You see, its kinda... well its a movie based in the west.... and the mother of two girls Lillie and Dot is chasing after the oldest, Lillie; which had been taken by indians to sell on the mexican border... she isn't the first girl they've captured nor the last. Through her mother's stubborness Dot has tagged along and rode a partial way w/o her mother knowing.... it's her grandfather (i think), who abandoned his family long ago to join an appachie tribe... This movie is about the determination and love of this mother to hunt down and find Lillie..... the question is.... did she..? and if you havent watched the movie then i'm not telling you.... you have to watch it your self!!!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   cant get what some one told me off my mind....Gomenasai.........
"when I wanted to cry, i couldn't 'cause I....wasnt allowed...
I never needed a friend; like i do know....
when i wanted to call you and ask you for help i stopped myself....what i thoght was a dream and a rush was as real as it seemed...a privalige and when i wanted to tell you i made a mistake i walked away.....i never needed a friend, like i do now...."

i skipped a bunch of words i know.... but those are the ones that stand out..... im sorry..... i wish i could have been there for you when you needed me......things will change, i promise.....sorry.... just had to let that person know....LoVE MAN!!

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. . .
waits for a phone call.....still dazed from last night...
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