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Sunday, May 10, 2009

   Uhhhmmmmm Poems!!!
I said I loved you
you looked at me and shrugged off my love
I frowned and my heart broke that day
My love My Love
you broke my heart how could you?
Love is nothing I care for at all anymore

Its all just a dream of my heart
You said I love you
I said I loved you you broke my heart
You looked at me insanely then broke down frowning at me

I told you I loved you
you told me you hated me
I told you I could never hate you
you told me to go die
I told you I mustn't die yet

I wanted to show you I could love you
You wanted to show me you couldn't love anyone but yourself
You won
I failed
I can't help but Love you
You can't help but not love yourself

This is my life
you fucked up
I'll never take you back Love
Coz' Your not the one in that starry night sky
your not that Diamond I love

your that egolistic ruby in the dirt
I'm that diamond in the rut
your that starry sky light that my heart died under

I'm that moon lonely in the world
Crying at night when the rain sprinkles down on the earth's surface
sky and moon were meant to be
what happened to us if we were meant to be?

Should I care anymore
do I love you?
I think not anymore but its all lies
Can't you see it written on my face?
Angels in the night
screaming out your name

I can't breathe
I can't even whisper your name
I can love you
I can't stand how you hate me
I can't stand how I love you

Can't you see
I will always love you.


(C)Amber Renea D.
(C)Blood Moon Wolf

BACK OFF OF MY POEMS!!!They are mine and always will be mine!

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