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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   Ninja Tec and other stuff
Hi My anime Fans who visit me well I need your help I'm runing out of ideas for Ninja Tec and I have started singing the Boozuka Bubblegum song in my head and outloud and Free credit report.com song (F-r-e-e that spells free credit report.com Baby)^-^` ok heres more Ninja Tec:Tobi ran torwards me almost squashing me to death(me:down Tobi down boy)I said"what Tobi"Tobi said"Jisa she wants you and Naruto"I ran off to find Jisa who I didn't have clue where she was I finally found her In the Anime room watching lets say Air Gear (me:I just watched Air Gear like a couple or so mimutes ago)I ran up to Jisa but she was kinda asleep watching anime (me:thats called watching anime through mind power I do it sometimes)I tronsformed into a Black wolf with a Red collar with a bell on it I sat next to Jisa got to stop here bye
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