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Friday, February 29, 2008

   Hi everyone!!!!!!!
Amby has missed you all very very mutch i still begging to get on here for ever but I will be on Now hope more often today was the worst ever in my books well (me:my teacher was the one who made it like it)My teacher made me and alot more people sit in a room and sit in there Both are recesses whitch sucked my math grade in dropping to mutch (me:I have to bring it up its A D+)and I rushed through My math test today and my friend was trying to shoot himself(me:faked a gun and put it to his head and made it look like he was pulling the triger)My teacher said"well all would fail in 6 grade and Shane,Frankie and Me are planing sweet sweet REVENGE heres more Ninja Tec:I was late and forgot my lunch money I went to Bird Brain (Sasuke if you don't know already)He said"Get lost loser and don't come back"I stuck my tounge out a him and ran torwards Tobi.Tobi said"Amby forgot Her money here have Tobi's Money"I took the Money and stuffed it in my Pocket we had Computer Time today (me:I love Computer Day <3 )I said"Tobi hurry its Computer day"Sasuke stood infront of Me and Said"Why didn't you invite Me Amber I mean Loser"I said"cause your a freaking Jerk you think your better then everyone else and your such a Freaking BUTTHOLE"he looked at me like i was crazy I glared at him which made him back down (me:OH i can also transform into a Wolf you'll hear that in the story too)I walked into the Computer room and got on TheO (me:on Ninja Tec)Sorry guys I'm alittle Dizzy from staring at a Screen for Hours so I have to stop here TT~TT
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