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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   My Mom
Ok so tomarrow well sunday I get to see my Mom who only comes to see me and My Little Brother Matthew on Sundays Witch sucks but when she gets her Income tax me and my brother get whatever we want we Both want a Wii and The Rise of a Ninja for it My friend Shane has the game and its exercise for him I guess and It will get me off my Lazy butt instead of being a couch potato and Watching Full Meatal Alchmist Concour of Shamballa *me:awesome Movie and of course my Dad bought it for me*And I hope we are going for PIZZA when my mom comes But she picks weird times to come and tomarrow Is a New Pokemon Movie The Rise of Darkai and she'll break my streak of watching all the Pokemon movies *yawn Me Tired*Well happy Ninja Days and many more to come =) =] ^-^ ^-~
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